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3 de maio de 2024

The integration is working fine, and is good value for money, but it does not FILTER subscribers and non-subscribers and we incur additional fees as a result if we don't keep on top of the subscriber limit and this has to be done manually by ourselves. Not thrilled by this additional burden.

Simply Hosiery Online
Reino Unido
Almost 5 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 10 de maio de 2024

Hey there! Navigate to "settings" within the Shopify app and look for the section "Sync Non-Subscribed Contacts." Here you can choose which contacts you'd like to sync.

21 de fevereiro de 2024

Email marketing templates or from scratch features not as flexible as we would like.

10 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 28 de fevereiro de 2024

Thank you for the review! Can you email ecommappsupport@mailchimp.com with additional details? We'd like to get more info on your feedback.

18 de fevereiro de 2024

I'd like to have more control over the collections that appear

Bridge Books
África do Sul
Almost 3 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 21 de fevereiro de 2024

We appreciate the feedback! We'd like our Support to connect with you about the feedback. Email ecommappsupport@mailchimp.com so our team can take another look at this with you.

12 de janeiro de 2024

Extremely expensive for what you are getting. Very limited amount of contact/emails able to send on basic plans. Would not recommend.

18 days usando a aplicação
6 de novembro de 2023

Not the best for very small business. The up charge for additional email blocks is where they get you. Looking to leave them asap. Paying twice as much as I would be happy with for my usage.

Estados Unidos
Almost 3 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 8 de novembro de 2023

Hey there! Our team can help look over the account with you and discuss cost saving measures. Email ecommappsupport@mailchimp.com and they'll follow up.

6 de julho de 2023

App & store not syncing properly, despite manual resync. The biggest concern & issue is the absolute lack of response and customer service. I've tried several different methods of contacting mailchimp and have waited over several days. Worst customer service compared to other platforms I've used.

Cascade Iron Co
Estados Unidos
Almost 2 years usando a aplicação
18 de outubro de 2023

I installed the app as I have used it in the past. Ultimately, I decided not to use it. I have found the pricing model is based of your stores imported contacts and order base. You are not given the option to import only a segment of your current customers. I have 4k customers and a specific segment of 300 I wish to email. These import models prevent me from being billed on my usable audience. Would like to see a change with Mai

Estados Unidos
5 days usando a aplicação
Editado a 21 de maio de 2019

The integration didn't go smoothly for us. It imported a long list of unknown subscribers to our list, which (after we resume our automation) received Welcome message, triggering many unsubscriptions, and leading to a warning from Mailchimp thinking we were spamming.
ShopSync explained to us that it may have been that MailChimp's old app failed to import them.
Fast, friendly and helpful customer support!

Loba Mane
Estados Unidos
About 4 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 10 de dezembro de 2021

I've been using MailChimp and the ShopSync app which MailChimp now bought. Having problems with high abuse complaints, although I have no idea how that is possible since we are a small company that follows all the strict guidelines. Then for some reason customers are not syncing correctly. People who have unsubscribed can't resubscribe. It's a mess. However, the customer service is helpful if you have a paid plan and they are helping me sort it out, which is nice to know they are reliable in that sense.

GNL Footwear
Over 2 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 3 de abril de 2019

Install fails with a 'page not found error'. After confirming install permissions, looks like it wants to redirect to https://storename.myshopify.com/admin/apps/shopsync-2 but fails with a 'page not found' display.
EDIT: It looks like the ShopSync app successfully installed, so you can ignore the 'page not found'. Just navigate to Apps > ShopSync > Connect and proceed with step 5 of the MailChimp instructions.

PEDAL Industries
Estados Unidos
About 2 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 4 de abril de 2019

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. After further investigation into this issue, we've found that the app store had an unusual redirect method to our installation page that needed to be corrected. This problem appeared for a small subset of users, but we understand how frustrating this behavior can be if you were one of them. We've worked with Shopify to resolve this problem and it should be fixed now.

If you have any other questions about ShopSync, please reach out to our support team at support@shopsync.io. We'll be happy to help.