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13 de maio de 2019

So far so good... still cross-checking it every day.
We changed over a few days early (and only after reading the instructions numerous times!) The sync went smoothly and updated into a different existing audience list that we specified.
After 7 hours of sync, it was complete and I ran a couple of dummy name tests to verify that it was updating correctly.
I wanted a merge field of 'Postal Code' but apparently this will only work for a 5 digit zip code, not a 4 digit postcode.

Shiny Happy Art
About 1 year usando a aplicação
2 de setembro de 2020

So far so good.

I just did it to sync to Mailchimp and my store does not have a lot of data to mess up so lets hope it stays that way.

It took less than 10 minutes to get the sync.
Thanks, DSQ

Dope Soap Queen
Estados Unidos
About 1 year usando a aplicação
29 de maio de 2021

I used this app to enable me to measure results of traffic moving between our newsletter and our Hamper Warehouse Shopify page. I can see clearly the interaction between the 2. The install process was quick and easy.

Hamper Warehouse
About 1 year usando a aplicação
Editado a 27 de julho de 2020

After my initial comment, Shopsync support contacted me and provided instructions on how to resolve the issue. Short answer, use Force Sync after attempting to just clear the browser cache. So my problem is resolved.

Original comment below:
I'm new to ecommerce and I'm just setting up my store and integrations. One App I've installed is ShopSync to keep customer info synchronized with my Mailchimp account. It appears that after the initial sync of customers that expressed interest on the store password page, further customers have not been sync'd. There are 59 new customers since the initial sync that are in the Shopify customers that are not migrated to Mailchimp. I have gone through the troubleshooting, including changing to using Chrome with all browser data cleared. Isn't this supposed to be a background process that links my Shopify store and my Mailchimp account? What does my browser have to do with it? I haven't done a forced sync as that is discouraged. Any advice on how to get this working?
Estados Unidos
9 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 26 de abril de 2019

Installation and syncing was quick and easy, however, instructions weren't very clear on how to make sure everything from Mailchimp was working properly. Having read previous reviews of unwanted emails being re-sent to customers, so I took the following steps which seemed to eliminate all problems, I haven't encountered any other issue so far:

1) Sent out an email to my entire list with a notice of email update, letting them know to ignore any emails they may receive in the next few days.
2) Paused all current campaigns in Mailchimp and cleaned up my email list - I deleted all those who unsubscribed, just in case any unwanted emails are sent to them.
3) Install Shopsync
4) Check the queue in each of the paused campaigns. I found 10 people added to the onboarding queue who were previous subscribers and had already received the onboarding emails before.
5) I wasn't sure how to remove these people from the queue, so I duplicated my onboarding campaign and archived the old one. The new one had a refreshed queue so there were no unwanted subscribers in there.
6) Re-activated all my campaigns, including an abandoned cart email.
7) Deleted Mailchimp app in Shopify
8) Logged into Mailchimp > Account > Connected Sites and realised that the pop-up form and abandoned cart emails were not activated for some reason.
9) Manually clicked on "Add" next to each one. I had to make a new abandoned cart email in order to have it added to Shopsync, after which I archived the old one.
10) Tested my website in incognito mode and everything worked fine - pop-up form now showed up properly and abandoned cart email is running too.

P.S. I did get about 50 new contacts added to my list after syncing, most of them are paying customers, and they did not appear to be duplicates, so I'm still baffled why they weren't on the list before.

Blissful Maternity
8 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 4 de abril de 2019

This app worked for me as the new Mailchimp integration however, my audience count doubled on the day I installed it. There are no duplicate contacts but the counts are doubled and the analytics for install day show a doubling. What's going on? I hope my audience isn't being hit with double emails. Can someone from support respond? Additionally, can't find a way to communicate with ShopSync support.

I appreciate the explanation of what went wrong. It would be very helpful if you could tell me how to correct the issue.

Michelle Owenby Design
Estados Unidos
5 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 4 de abril de 2019

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to get in touch. Up until late yesterday (4/3/19), our app was engineered to include past customers who "Accept email marketing", orders, and products in Shopify. If they showed unsubscribed in Shopify, we ignored the email. In other words, we looked at Shopify as the "truth" and nothing else.

Although our intentions for this were done for all the right reasons, it, unfortunately, didn't work for everyone as you saw with your subscriber counts going up. With how we used to perform the initial sync, it would have been possible to re-subscribe users if they had opted out from a Mailchimp list previously. Or, it's also possible the old integration missed real subscribers.

Now, we've changed up how we handle the data from Shopify to Mailchimp on the initial sync. Here's more information on how it works:

Before any data is processed by ShopSync, we perform integrity checks with Mailchimp to ensure these customers can be sent to the list that is connected.

For example, if someone opted out of a list in the past, we won't add the email again. We'll also update Shopify with the correct status that Mailchimp shows. That way, the most current subscriber status in Mailchimp is synced with the store.

After the initial sync is complete, we'll continue adding customers, orders, and products from your store to Mailchimp as transactions occur. We'll add customers that visit your store who are deemed transactional as well. That way, you can use Mailchimp's automations to trigger abandoned carts and order notifications. If someone unsubscribes from a Mailchimp campaign or automation in the future, we'll sync the opt-out status back to Shopify and vice versa.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, let us know if you have any follow up questions. We can be reached anytime at

17 de fevereiro de 2022

Just getting started with the app it was a breeze to import your contacts looking forward to trying the service out.

Estados Unidos
5 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 11 de maio de 2023

Love it so far hope nothing disappoints. Easy to use interface and great tools to meet your goals. i would definitely recommend to anyone!

Muscle Nerds Nutrition
Estados Unidos
4 months usando a aplicação
12 de dezembro de 2020

I really appreciate personable and professional businesses, and ShopSync looks like it's both! Looking forward to working with it in the future. Recommended from Mailchimp, so good reliability there.

A World Apart
Estados Unidos
3 months usando a aplicação
26 de agosto de 2019

Basic functionality works well - I've not had it installed long.

They do keep spamming asking for reviews though, with no way to unsubscribe.

Perfect Drinks LTD
Reino Unido
3 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Mailchimp 28 de agosto de 2019

Hi there, thank you for using ShopSync. We apologize for any hassle with communications coming your way that you did not want to receive. If you would like to opt-out from these, simply click the Disable button next to ShopSync Communications inside the app.