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1 maggio 2024

My experience with this app has been absolutely awful. If you still have Codisto, DO NOT move to Marketplace connect. I moved over 5 days ago and was told the transfer would be essentially be "seamless". I haven't had any active listings on Amazon since i.e. no sales. I've been on their Livechat twice a day every day, I keep on being assured that it's with their engineering team. No fix, no timeline. NOTHING.


elevate your sole
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24 maggio 2024

The worst possible connector app... you think everything goes smooth and then BOOM all your listings on a marketplace get deleted and nobody at support knows what to do. There goes years and years of work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO A DIFFERENT APP.

This app was so bad we deleted it the day after we went through 2 support chats and nobody had any clues how to help.

Denali Canning
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26 marzo 2024

It does not respect inventory rules or quantity. I keep getting orders for items that have been sold out or that are in locations that do not support online store selling. I have tried getting a solution from their support team and have waited for 3 months for a solution and they have stopped replying to me. I am a software engineer and understand why the inventory system is failing, and have explained to them in detail the use cases how to fix this. They have yet to get back to me since January. @Shopify can you find a better partner to fulfill marketplace connections or develop it yourselves?

Casas Padel
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6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 28 marzo 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We agree the timing has not been as expected and have reached out for new examples of this issue. We kindly await your response.


28 febbraio 2024

It was working perfectly fine until they changed us to a new plan without notice or authorization. Now they say we have outstanding charges and ended up closing our account due to that.
Now we have unhappy customers because of delays this has caused.
Find a different app. People at this one are shady.

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Shopify ha risposto 4 marzo 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We have reached out directly to explain the circumstances of the situation. Your account is working as expected, please reach out if this is not the case.


18 maggio 2024

This app takes an hour to transfer orders from an external marketplace to Shopify. By that time suppliers can be sold out of the purchased items. I contacted support and they told me on two separate occasions that the unacceptable lag time was fixed. They lied to me to get out of actually dealing with the app problem. they are unable to fix the app to work efficiently.

Little Yellow Bungalow
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3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 23 maggio 2024

Thank you for your feedback,

We do understand the frustration when an order takes this long to transfer. This is not our expectation nor how the app has been designed.

We have found a backlog causing this issue and this has now been resolved.

Please do reach out if you experience any further issues,


Data modifica: 9 febbraio 2024

After working with many apps for years on Shopify for marketplaces, I can award this app for the MOST RELAXED ONE ever! For real, you know we have been fufilling the orders from our side on Shopify, then as we are cancelled/suspended due to NOT SHIPPING ORDERS.

Thanks to these guys as they say "SLOW API OF WALMART" has not been retrieving our tracking numbers to Walmart, it is really funny when they are the ONLY APP THAT HAS THIS ISSUE!

Anyways, I don't recommend this app. It is cheap though with all the marketplaces etc, I wouldn't call the app worst one, but they're not on the brighest side either.

UPDATE: After 3 weeks of asking for the fix of the order syncing, they are still telling us their "developers" are working on the problem. They, again, tell us that there is still a complexity of the Walmart API.

We've been told that our problem is "high priority", but as we understand from this 3 weeks is not that long a time.

Also we asked their log to send Walmart/submit a ticket, because we've been told before the problem is "slow Walmart API", yet this request not answered yet.

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Shopify ha risposto 19 febbraio 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

Our engineering team has now deployed an update to resolve the issue related to order fulfilment and tracking number retrieval for Walmart.


20 febbraio 2024

I need to urgently address the appalling experience we've had with Shopify Marketplace Connect. If we could rate it with negative stars, we would, given the severe and persistent issues we've faced for over 60 days. Despite sending pictures as requested and reaching out for crucial support, the app has proven to be a travesty for any business owner relying on it.

Adding to our frustration, when sought a conversation with a developer from Shopify Marketplace Connect to address our concerns, the support team failed to facilitate this essential dialogue.

This starkly contrasts with our experience with Amazon support, which has been more proactive and willing to escalate our issue to their development team. The lack of progress in resolving this critical problem, despite having over 25 feedback emails detailing our support chat conversations, is nothing short of a business owner's nightmare. Listing our products on remains an unmet challenge, and Shopify Marketplace Connect has become more of a hindrance than an asset.

We're not seeking a plea; we demand an immediate fix. The current state of Shopify Marketplace Connect is unacceptable for any business owner relying on its functionality. Please allow us to post attachments and emails to illustrate the urgency and severity of the problem.
Your swift and decisive action in resolving these issues is imperative to salvage the credibility of Shopify Marketplace Connect for businesses like ours.
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Shopify ha risposto 22 febbraio 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We have escalated your concerns and reached out directly to assist in resolving your issues.


19 marzo 2024

This is a major issue, the app brings orders that have been fulfilled already back again like new just because eBay updates something the app will import a duplicate showing it's a new order after you fulfilled the order already.

STIRRI® Aerospace & Defense Grade OEM
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Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
27 febbraio 2024

Complete Garbage for Ebay, very little documentation, descriptions and images get overwritten by Shopify description and images. Very buggy with virtually no support. Shopify support does not help you, yo have to email marketplace connect and they take at least 1 week to answer an email IF they even respond. For Amazon it works great. For Ebay it is complete trash. Wasted 4 days of my life with this mess of an app!

PrimaLoc Epoxy
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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 29 febbraio 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We have reached out to understand your concerns in more detail and offered an onboarding session to guide you through the process.

Our support team is available 24/7 via email or via the in-app chat function.

We are fully committed to providing the right amount of support you need.


1 febbraio 2024

USELESS! Etsy orders are imported with WRONG price for the discount, it just uses a random discount number instead of the actual discount number that was given on Etsy for every order.

I've contacted their customer support over a month ago and they keep on ignoring me and say they are working on it.
This addon is completely useless if it's importing wrong order prices.


3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 19 febbraio 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We are pleased to advise these issues are now resolved. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further queries.

Our Support team is available 24/7.