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17 april 2024

We have been using this app for around 18 months now and it has made our Amazon fulfilment simple and freed up a lot of time. Support is also great whenever we run into roadblocks.

Sakura Box
Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
2 mei 2024

GREAT APP!, Had a slight issue where the app wasnt syncing (Probably our fault!) Adrian solved this within 2mins! - 10 previous orders imported instantly into shopify! AMAZING customer service and speed of response! @ Adrian, if you ever want some sweets please order at using discount code welcome10 at the checkout!

The Sweetie Shoppie
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8 maanden gebruiken de app
5 mei 2024

Great app once I got my head around how it worked, I can now easily list from shopify to eBay to bring in extra orders with little hassle. Thank you

Cupsie's Creations
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8 maanden gebruiken de app
1 mei 2024

My experience with this app has been absolutely awful. If you still have Codisto, DO NOT move to Marketplace connect. I moved over 5 days ago and was told the transfer would be essentially be "seamless". I haven't had any active listings on Amazon since i.e. no sales. I've been on their Livechat twice a day every day, I keep on being assured that it's with their engineering team. No fix, no timeline. NOTHING.


elevate your sole
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Bijna 6 jaar gebruiken de app
16 mei 2024

The support I received while setting up Marketplace Connect was FANTASTIC! I tried to get everything sorted out by myself for days but wasn't getting anywhere. Jay figured out what was causing the errors and got everything up and running smoothly for me in no time! I really couldn't have asked for better service.

The Daydreaming Brunette
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7 maanden gebruiken de app
8 mei 2024

Adrian helped me solve a lot of problems that I just missed on my own, helped me get to the bottom of the problem while solving small tasks on the side not even directly connected to app or integrations. When everything was sorted out my listings synced from Shopify to Ebay with ease, highly recommend!

Latvian Candles
3 maanden gebruiken de app
23 maart 2024

I am new to Shopify Marketplace Connect. My experiences have been great! I have had the best support team helping me at anytime. I expecially want to thank, LOVELY, the person I was chatting with tonight. Not only did Lovely help me troubleshoot and resolve my issues, but Lovely also motivated me and energized me to continue pursuing my dreams of achieving success with my online hoodie business. The great thing about Lovely that I recognize is that Lovely is great with her job in supporting people. I think that it will be better if Lovely was in a higher position to teach and spread to many others. It wouldn't be good to just have Lovely continue in this one position helping individuals...when Lovely can pass along what must be multiplied and spread to others that I have no doubt Lovely can do. Although I would love to get support from Lovely all the time...I am not so selfish to keep Lovely to myself...Lovely must spread Lovely Ways to that everyone that contacts Shopify Marketplace Connect will have the same lovely Lovely experience that I had tonight. Please include my review in Lovely's file records so that when it comes time for a performance reveiw and promotion, my review is the first thing you will see!!!

Hoodies For All Kind
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
25 maart 2024

Ediline was so helpful and helped me to sort an issue I had with a listing. Great service and highly recommended. Ediline was so patient and made sure everything was working correctly before leaving me. 5 star service.

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Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 15 mei 2024

I was exporting 7 of my products to my Etsy shop from my shopify store and I got in touch for some help because the process of the export was taking longer than it should.

I got in touch with 3 different advisors over a week time and they tried to help and told me me what to do and said it will work but, I could not get any success and so I tried to reach out again for help and thankfully I got Mary Grace.

Mary Grace was just amazing, professional, helpful and patient. She did her job properly.

Mary Grace notice exactly what I was saying i.e the process is taking too long which was over a week by now. Mary Grace did not do what her other work colleagues did by saying to me I must wait for the process to published.

Mary Grace grace saw it was taking long and did the necessary steps she was trained for and, that is she look on her end to see what is the issue and in no time she spotted what was wrong and solved the issue.

I just dont understand why the other 3 advisors could not see and do what Mary Grace did and, it is so frustrating to know I have to wait a week for the issue to solve. Everyday checking and looking that my products and they are all stuck on publishing and it is no fun but, a complete headache.

Mary Grace I just want to thank you so much for what you did for me. You are truly an amazing, hardworking, thoughtful and helpful person. I have no doubt you will continue to give such wonderful service.

Mary Grace has taken the time to wait for the completion to be finish and has continued to monitor the process for me and to let me know when the products are all exported.

Thank you so much for your help Joy V.

DKS Natural Products
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Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
3 mei 2024

Adrian is the best!!! He made my day by fix the issue with eBay! Thank you, Adrian!

Spitalfields Crypt Trust
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Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app