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Editado a 28 de novembro de 2019

E-mails don't go out when they are scheduled, which is horrible on a day like Thanksgiving! Interface is nice but e-mails not going out are unacceptable. Really wanted to like this app but that's a complete deal breaker.

Freckled Lamb
Estados Unidos
Over 2 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 3 de dezembro de 2019

We're sorry you experienced a delay in your campaign sending. We have reached out to you via email and hope to hear back soon.

24 de janeiro de 2021

I am a US customer and am speaking from that point of view. I know this platform is not based out of the US and may differ for other countries.
Customer services takes 2-7 days for a response when you have an issue. I'm currently being charged for test message credits that aren't delivering and have been waiting 6 days for them to give me any time of follow up.
We've had issues since we started using this platform, but in the beginning they were a little more responsive to offer support. I strong recommend AGAINST using this platform.

Transfers Plus
Estados Unidos
6 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 9 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you for your feedback. To address the SMS issue you've experienced, our development team has been working to resolve this.
With tighter regulations around link shorteners being used for SMS, some network providers are blocking SMS messages from being delivered. As a result, we have built some new functionality to give retailers the option to disable link shortening. This will resolve the issue you were having.

We apologize for the slow response while we've built this functionality. The team is working hard to ensure we can be as responsive as possible.

Editado a 13 de janeiro de 2021

Also revised 5 star review to 1 star. I've had the exact same experience as the person below - Mountain Madness Soap Co. Marsello is clearly being run by new owners. Also on a grandfather plan, my fees went up without warning. Even worse is they paused my loyalty app without telling me! I had to wait until a customer contacted me asking when our loyalty app will be back online! In contacting support they were unapologetic, didn't care why I was on the old plan and pretty much said this is the new plan, pay up if you want your loyalty app to go back online. In the process of changing apps now

Almost 4 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 14 de janeiro de 2021

Thanks for providing such an in-depth review. Jase, from our Support Team, has been trying to reach you to work through any questions you may have about the pricing structure of your account. I hope you’re able to find a solution which works for you. Jase and the team look forward to hearing from you.

Editado a 2 de setembro de 2019

I have cancelled this app but I still need to pay the monthly fee? can you pls tell me why???? This shouldn't be happened. pls don't charge me for anything as I don't use your app anymore. I put it on inactive by 30 July and wasn't available on my website since that time. This is illegal!!!

Lilly and Mimi Fabric Shop
Reino Unido
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 30 de março de 2019

Thanks for reaching out. We can see that your subscription was cancelled the same day as you uninstalled the app on August 7th. I've sent you an email with some more detail.

1 de dezembro de 2018

These guys keep chopping and changing their plans and prices. Only a couple of months ago when they revamped their offerings their basic plan included all features even the premium features (loyalty tiers etc). Pricing was based on number of members/customers from memory and then you paid as your database grew. They have now gone and copied Smile.io since they recently updated their offerings and pricing structure which, in my opinion, is a far more robust and professional looking loyalty program. For these reasons I am staying with Smile.

10 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 3 de março de 2019

Hi Glyco,
We changed our pricing to provide different plans for what different users wanted to use. You can rest assured, knowing we still honour the pricing plans our users are already when we changed pricing. And we give the option to change to new pricing if it works out better off for you :)

16 de abril de 2020

Does not work for one-off campaigns as keeps sending out the campaign - there is no way of stopping it. No way to edit pre-existing email campaigns. Customer support take a long time to respond with an answer (I've been waiting 2 days to find out why my launch campaign email contained a malicious link input by Marsello).

Reino Unido
2 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 16 de abril de 2020

Thanks for following up here. Our support team has been looking into why your https link populated a http link and have been trying to reach out to you.

27 de julho de 2020

App has amazing potential. But the customer service that comes with it is shocking. You have to wait at least a day or two to chat with anyone. They will not call or video chat with you. You're literally sending one chat at a time, so problem solving take DAYS! Its been a nightmare.

Local Source E-Market
About 1 month usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 11 de agosto de 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry, you experienced a delayed response. We are working on expanding our support team to improve this.

I’m happy to hear that Amy from our team was able to help you find where emails were coming from and glad that it was not our app causing it.

3 de maio de 2020

I have 19 days left to use this app and my abandoned cart emails and previous customer points still have not been added to the system - been already a week + now. Basically my trial with Marsello is me finding all the errors which cannot be resolved with 2-3 days.

Haus of Posie
11 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 4 de maio de 2020

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm sorry you've experienced difficulty getting started. I believe Jase has reached out to you to get you up and running and beginning a fresh new 30-day trial. He will be able to get everything resolved and running smoothly for you!

22 de maio de 2020

Downloaded for the free version and literally everything was locked. Even customising the copy on the newsletter signup pop-up was blocked! No automation included whatsoever, literally nothing. What a waste of time, they shouldn't even offer a free version if they're going to block everything. Wouldn't even consider paying for any version of Marsello now because of this.

Reino Unido
8 minutes usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 24 de maio de 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Our free plan provides the basics for a fully automated loyalty program which a lot of our users love! If you want customization, automated emails, campaigns etc. we are offering 50% off Pro for 3 months at the moment to help during COVID-19.

16 de abril de 2018

I had a horrible experience!! Where do all these 5 star reviews come from?!

First off, there's utter lack of support. Their "support" is a bunch of know-nothings who keep deferring to their “team in New Zealand” and then nothing else happens. Placing support into a time zone out-of-synch with the rest of the world is NOT a good idea. If they want to charge $199/month they must do better than that.

The app had 3 major bugs when we tried it out:
(1) An existing customer was able to get a referral discount, even though only new customers should get a reward
(2) Points for referral actions weren’t tracked properly
(3) The system sent out emails to advocates with faulty point balances

These errors go to the core of a loyalty system. If you can’t track points and redemptions properly, you might as well shut down.

Moreover, they failed to tell me the Shopify file names and code sections where they added code. So I can't ascertain whether the uninstall is done properly. I fear they leave code behind, given how poorly and sloppily they have performed so far.

A terrible experience and big waste of time.

Estados Unidos
4 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Marsello 3 de março de 2019

Thanks for taking the time to leave a detailed review. I'd like to go over the points you raised here in an effort to make things right.  

Unfortunately, back in April 2018 we didn’t yet have a dedicated weekend Support team, and instead checked on incoming messages a few times a day over the weekend, so response times may not have been as you expected. Sorry about this. We quickly hired a team to cover all time zones.

The $199 plan was optional and simply offered API access. However, we have since changed our pricing. Note: API access is still available on some plans by request.

Thanks for letting us know about the 2 issues you experienced and sorry it affected your account. We quickly added an extra check to make sure only new customers could be referred and also added easier email customization with points merge tags - Thanks for bringing it to our attention and for your feedback on the referral reporting. We have since made improvements based on this feedback.

Regarding the removal of the app code when you uninstall, this is done automatically.