Mega Media Exporter

Mega Media Exporter

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Export & download product images + videos in bulk

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Easy images back-up

Secure product image backup solution for your Shopify & Shopify Plus store. Download all store product images in just a few clicks.

Export product videos

You can use product images & videos for promoting your store on other websites, on Facebook / Instagram, in blogs / stories, in Adwords etc.

Save your time

Export large amount of images instead of saving pictures manually and downloading one at a time. Works with Shopify & Shopify Plus stores.

Over Mega Media Exporter

Forget about saving and backing up product images manually

Mega Image Exporter app provides an easy and coding-free way to export images for every product uploaded to your store.

How does it work?

Mega Image Exporter scans your store and groups all the images of all the products (or only those selected by you) in one catalog which you can download for use in Instagram, Facebook campaigns, or as a backup.

Every Shopify product can have up to 250 images. In case you have large amount of products saving pictures one by one can become a challenge.


  • select single or multiple products for bulk image export;
  • export product videos;
  • browse and filter by product name, collection, availability, vendor or product type;
  • back-up large amount of product images and receive image download link to your email;
  • all image files are structured product-per-product in the resulting ZIP images archive;
  • configure names of future product backup images and folders by indicating SKU or their number inside of the product's listing;
  • supports PNG, JPG, JPEG or any other image formats supported by Shopify;
  • view all of your image exports and video backups with Exports History tool available in app's admin (you will also be able to download videos and images from here).

How long my files export may take?

You will see the progress bar that informs about estimated time to complete the image export (or to backup videos). After that some minimal time (several minutes to several hours) may be required to organize images and assemble ZIP archive that will be available for download. Video download may take slighly longer, as videos usually take more storage and thus download time.

How can I use my images and videos after downloading?

  • save multiple images for catalog / voucher / promotional materials printing;
  • ads (Facebook / Instagram / Google / AdRoll);
  • bulk export for Instagram Stories / Facebook / TikTok / Snapchat;
  • using product images and videos in email campaigns;
  • in case if you'd like to personalize pictures (for example, add watermarks);
  • download images and save videos for store migration or backup media to be able to restore them in case of emergency.

Click “Add app”

Set up the new productivity tool that will save your time on video export and collecting image files in just a few clicks. Our team will help you to handle any specific image / picture formatting or folder grouping requirements if needed.

Made for your Shopify & Shopify Plus store.






  • Export images for up to 10 products;
  • Export videos for 2 products;
  • Large image data sets supported;
  • FREE customer support.



  • Export images for up to 100 products;
  • Export videos for 20 products;
  • Large image data sets supported;
  • FREE customer support.



  • Export images for up to 1000 products;
  • Export videos for 200 products;
  • Large image data sets supported;
  • FREE customer support.



  • Export unlimited product images;
  • Export unlimited product videos;
  • large image data sets supported;
  • FREE customer support.

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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Works as advertised, it saved me from hours of manually downloading and renaming hundreds of images.

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Excellent app and brilliant service. Does what it says on the tin! We used it to download our media content so we could move the store to Woo Commerce!

Prince of Scots

Great Tool and Speed. We needed additional details in our dowloaded files. The customer support was outstanding and provided what was needed in under 24 hours!