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MerchMixer ‑ US Dropshipping

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Drop ship US brand name products. Like Oberlo but better.

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Fast Shipping. US Inventory.

Our US-based warehouses mean faster, more reliable ship times typically within 2-10 business days. Faster ship times mean happier customers.

50K Exclusive Branded Products

Generate meaningful sales and profits by selling trending electronics, audio, apparel, and 30 other product categories from top US brands.

Free Shipping. Simple Pricing.

All product costs include US shipping. This means one transparent cost to you on every single item. Consistent margins mean more profit.

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MerchMixer is your trusted US dropshipping supplier offering top brands. The quality dropship products include apparel, consumer electronics, jewelry, sunglasses, and many other unique products. All US inventory with fast ship times.

Below is an example MerchMixer order:

  • Product: Lacoste Men's Sunglasses
  • Sales Price: $83.00
  • Cost: $55.42
  • Profit: $27.58
  • Profit Margin: 33.22%
  • Order-To-Delivery: 5 Days

Start a dropship business on Shopify or take your current US dropshipping business to new levels with the best US dropshipping products and fast ship times for USA customers. Stop selling low-quality Oberlo, DSers, and AliExpress dropshipping products direct from China.

Real Top Products

The state of AliExpress, DSers, and Oberlo dropshipping is sad. Selling low-quality products with long ship times is no way to run a successful online store. Now with MerchMixer, you can sell amazing products from the biggest brands in the world with competitive pricing and ship times to US customers. Now you can start a real profitable US dropship business.

Massive Product Catalog

MerchMixer offers a wonderful merchandise assortment across every category you can imagine. Now you can offer better quality merch than any other US Dropshipper on Shopify!

You can sell computers, laptops, women's apparel, men's apparel, toys, home goods, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, top electronics, smartphones, fitness trackers, laptops, headphones, speakers, gaming headsets, gadgets, sunglasses, men's jewelry, women's jewelry, drones, kitchen supplies, pet supplies, home office supplies, cameras, toys, fitness equipment, car accessories, travel products, beauty products, watches, baby products, and so much more!

Simple Competitive Wholesale Pricing

We negotiate “best-of-web” wholesale pricing on all our dropship products. This negotiated cost means you can apply a profit margin on our products and still have competitive market pricing.

Painless Order Fulfillment

Don't worry about fulfillment and US shipping. We handle it all. Your USA dropshipping business just got easier.

Fast Shipping from Our US Dropship Suppliers

Your orders get to your customers in 2-14 business days delivery within the US. Since ALL inventory is based in the US, you will get tracking numbers from standard US carriers. The minute the order comes in it will be processed and you should receive shipping tracking numbers within 2-5 business days. MerchMixer offers the quickest shipping time on customer deliveries compared to any other Shopify dropshipping app.

MerchMixer works well with other dropshipping apps like Oberlo, Spocket, Modalyst, CJDropshipping, EPROLO, and Syncee.

Start your US dropship business today. Install the MerchMixer USA dropshipping app on Shopify!

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  • Product Import Limit 25
  • Product Cost Discount 0%
  • Premium Products 0



  • Product Import Limit 1000
  • Product Cost Discount 2-5%
  • Premium Products 100



  • Product Import Unlimited
  • Product Cost Discount 5-10+%
  • Premium Products 1000+

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD.
** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.6 stelle su 5

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Solvie Company

I really wanted to use this app because they have really good selection of products. Unfortunately, It is glitchy and thier support staff takes too long to answer. I regret paying the monthly fee. There is little to no support. This can have a negative impact on your business. Proceed with caution.

JBM Sales-Only the Best

This is a great app. posting products is very easy. Prices are great. I expect it to enhance my earnings potential. I will be using it almost exclusively and may even upgrade to the premium package.

Rebel Pulse Lab

This MerchMixer has premium quality products that would appeal to my customers and fast shipping is definite advantage,