Metafield Sync

Metafield Sync


Show custom information with products and at store level

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Increase sales

Enhance your store with additional information at your disposal

Super easy to add/edit

Highly optimized search functionality to ensure updates are super easy

Bulk upload to ease updates

All actions in place for you, tweak single product/variant or bulk upload multiple products

Su Metafield Sync

Enhance your store listing by adding custom information to products.

Without App:

Shopify has a limitation: Product description is the only source for showcasing details, features etc. This approach restricts the showcase of specific elements throughout the store.

With app:

you can associate additional information with the product and enhance listings by showcasing unique elements.

App features:

  1. Interface: Sleek and simple
  2. Search: fastest
  3. Ease of use
  4. Color coding for success and error update
  5. Selective update possible via super fast search
  6. All products and their variants with current meta-fields are shown
  7. Bulk edit of metafields via file upload

Bulk Upload

Creating/ Updating metafields one by one can be a daunting task, to ease it we have bulk upload functionality to:

  1. Export existing metafields by: a. Product Handle b. SKU
  2. Export all handles (metafields not included)
  3. Export all SKU's (metafields not included)
  4. Import metafields by handle or SKU
  5. Delete metafields by handle or SKU


Let’s say there is a product “Smart TV” and you need to show product details: 1. Dimension 2. Model No and others.

Without this app you cannot have this information on collection page and on product page you have to show it along with description only. With this app you will create two properties and use wherever you need them:

  1. Info.dimension
  2. Info.model

Information can be retrieved by

  1. product.metafields.Info.dimension
  2. product.metafields.Info.model

Let us know if you face any issues with the app. We are here to make your business better.

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  • Product metafield update

  • Variant metafield update

  • Export Metafields



  • All from the Basic plan

  • Bulk upload to add/ edit/ delete metafields

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4.7 stelle su 5

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Great app with even better support, which responds quickly and has solved all problems so far. Highly recommended.

Excellent app!! Just exactly what I was looking for... Anyone who is looking for bulk upload option and edit option this is a one-stop resolution. The best part is the service provided which helped me in resolving my issues... Thanks for the support!! After trying multiple apps I found this best suitable option for my business.... Keep up the good work guys!! Cheers!!


Exactly what we needed, with no fuss UI.
Bulk upload feature is really helpful in making massive changes in one go.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

3 gennaio 2020

Thank you for your review.
Please let us know if any customizations required; we will be more than happy to assist you.