Custom Fields

Custom Fields

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Easy management of custom fields ( metafields )

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Manage Custom Fields

Create new, Edit, delete, export, import custom fields (Metafields)

Manage fields one by one

Update or delete custom fields one by one from app itself by just clicking buttons.

Manage fields in bulk

Update, delete or create custom fields in bulk from app itself by just clicking buttons & uploading CSV files.

Su Custom Fields

Manage custom fields of products.

This app is made for those Shopify store owners who need extra fields for their products. For example you may need show some extra properties of products on product pages. In the event that your employees needs extra fields of products, you can use our app to create a list of custom fields for products.

Manage existing fields easily from app.

You can use our app to view list of existing fields on app screen itself. You can edit values by just entering values in text-boxes and by just clicking on buttons. With our app you can export and download existing fields into an easy to read CSV file. You can also delete existing fields one by one or in bulk.

Create new fields easily from app.

You can use our app to create any new custom fields for products. Custom fields can be created by uploading CSV file on app and then by just clicking on button.

Find the front end codes related to fields?

With the help of this app you are able to get direct code related to any existing custom field. Just copy and past the code in appropriate file to view the result on front end pages.


We created this app because we know that when you wants to use extra fields for products then you are not able to use them directly from Shopify admin. That's a problem if your staff members wants to create or manage extra fields for products. With the help of this app you will be able to manage any number of custom fields that you normally can't do from Shopify both effectively and quickly. It's also very simple and easy to use. Your existing fields are clearly listed for you as soon as you install the app and there is no coding knowledge required. Just as simple as opening the app or downloading the CSV file with your id's.

Support and Feature Requests

We are improving our app functionalities continuously. And I am open to your suggestions. Feel free to email us. Best Regards Admin

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Free Plan


  • Create custom field values free on upto 25 product pages.

  • View existing custom fields on app screen.

Basic App Charge


  • Create new custom fields.

  • Export existing custom fields.

  • Modify existing custom fields.

  • Delete existing custom fields.

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

USA Triathlon Store

Great app! Had requested for a custom field for my website and they did it in a few minutes without hassle!

Keep Things Personal

Great app, does exactly what i need! The customer service team were fantastic, replied back straight away to my query and got the app up and running, thank you for all your help!

Jaay's Jewels

The custom fields app team is a great team. They emailed me soon as I downloaded the app to make sure I understood everything or needed help. After that that pretty much took over and went in to make my store the way I desired. Highly recommended