MetaFields Pro

MetaFields Pro

作成: Webify Technology Inc

Handle Large Number of Metafields with Ease. Import and Export

Import/Export Metafields

Manage large number of metafields easily using your favorite spreadsheet program. Import and export them at ease.

Track History

Keeps a history of exported files for easy retrieval

Proven History

Build on top of the free Metafields Editor application

MetaFields Proの詳細情報

Metafields Pro is a Shopify application that is based on the free application Metafields Editor .

If you need to edit your metafields in bulk, the app allows to import and export metafields from/to comma separated values (csv) files. You can edit your data in a spreadsheet program and then import.

Please note that Metafields is a Shopify feature and it has nothing to do with SEO. Do not confuse it with meta tags for html. For more information about Metafields, please refer to documentation from Shopify

Please make sure you have checked your import file format before starting an import. Read about the different file format at our support site.

Recent Updates

  • New for Sep 2018. Now supports importing/exporting metafields for blogs, pages, collections, orders and customers.
  • New version deployed June 2016! We have addressed the reliability of exporting large files and now exports are processed in the background for better error handling.
  • New version deployed Oct 2015! We have addressed the reliability of importing large files and now imports are processed in the background for better error handling. There are some recent reviews by users regarding import/export stalling. Please contact support if you have a problem processing an import file.



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Great Support in helping resolve Theme issue with App. Highly recommend this app for Shopify stores.

Wilkes & Riley

been paying $15/m for a couple of years and I rarely use the app. Today I decided to try it again to make some global changes and of course it doesn't work. I now have to do it manually which is FREE. So I will now cancel my subscription to this worthless app.


Must-have if you're working with lots of metafields (we use metafields to structure and configure a bunch of features across the store). MetafieldsPro allows us to move large qtys of metadata, which saves a ton of time (imagine you had to do it manually). Keep it up!