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24. syyskuu 2022

Good if you get a few people to your site, the min I started getting 10-20 visitors to my site, the app crashed and didn't record any of it, now for the past two hours it says internal error. Had it downloaded for less than 1 day. Downloaded something else
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MIDA (by BSS Commerce) vastasi 12. joulukuu 2022

So sorry for the inconvenience that you faced with our app.

Since you dropped us the review, we have made quite some improvements for the app. Hope that you would give us another chance and try out our app again. We will for sure assist you our best to bring you better experience on the app.

Thank you so much!

14. heinäkuu 2023

La vostra app è davvero pessima, mai provato niente di così ridicolo.
non funziona, si impalla, non riporta i dati corretti che altre app, gratis come questa, fanno.

Faster Disinfestazioni | Shop Online
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MIDA (by BSS Commerce) vastasi 17. heinäkuu 2023

This is Jonas - Customer Support Lead from BSS Commerce. So sorry for the inconvenience that you were facing with our app.

After receiving your review, we have right away double-checked our end but haven't found any issues yet. May we please know what exact issues you have faced then? Or our app just doesn't provide the functionalities that you are looking for?

If possible, hopefully you can give us another opportunity to assist much further by installing our app one more time on your site.

Really looking forward to having a conversation with you regarding this.