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28 februari 2024

Holly Cow!

This Canadian team built a powerful tool that can handle integrated cart rules that most other apps can't, and communicate the outcomes to your customers in a cool way. Don't be fooled though, as it takes serious brain power (or seriously amazing support from the dev team) to pull off. Give it a try - the've got you.

I'm impressed.

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2 februari 2024

This is the most customizable mix/max app that I've experienced, and I downloaded multiple. It did exactly what we wanted to when others couldn't.

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14 november 2023

The new MinCart updates now allows you to "Catch All" variants containing a word in the title - so now that we don't have to add 1000 products manually this makes things easier, also on the page-load.

My Textile Fabric
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2 december 2023

So far this is the only app that has allowed us to block specifically 3 items in the cart and additionally wont allow more than 4 items. This custom rules were exactly what we were looking for. The support has been great every time we need them and had solved custom issues for us. The best app for the niche for sure.

Proveedora PGP
13 dagen gebruiken de app
15 december 2023

Amazing customer service. Spent well over an hour helping me resolve something. Thanks!
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15 november 2023

This app is amazing! Does everything you can think of when it comes to setting limits, plus it's multilingual. After testing a couple other solutions, MinCart was by far the best and most user friendly. The support is extremely helpful and quick to reply. Definitely recommend!

Extra Space
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24 november 2023

Una excelente herramienta si se desea personalizar mas a fondo los montos y limites de artículos, el servicio al cliente es demasiado bueno, me respondieron en menos de 5 minutos y fueron muy cordiales, precisos y en menos de 30 minutos me ayudaron a dejar todo funcionando correctamente. Muy recomendado !!

PetPartners CL
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10 augustus 2018

Good App, quick and great helpdesk!

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22 april 2020

This application is great and very user friendly. It did exactly what we needed and support was very responsive when we ran into an issue, helping us to troubleshoot and get up in running within the hour.

Also Organics
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Bewerkt 2 maart 2022

We are using this app to block some variants of product to specific clients (B2B) by using the tag feature. The reason is that our products are limited editions and we want to reserve the last units to our B2C clients. We basically asking the app to not let those clients adding qty to their cart for those specific variants. It is a very powerful app with a loft of possibilities in term of conditions. The support is also awesome. The app doesn't really need any assistance to be installed but I had to contact them as I thought the app was creating a display issue on the 'Add to cart' button. They answer the live chat instantly, and Tommy then contact me with a detailed report. He explained me the issue came from another app, and after asking me permission, fixed the problem. Perfect!

Eyefood Factory France
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