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2 september 2022

This app has the best customer service! Tommy helped us fix several issues that were affecting this app but were not caused by this app. I am so glad he did not send us to a different customer service but really dived into the problem and fixed it for us. I am not technical myself, so I am more then happy that he explained it to me and made sure everything runs as expected again. The app itself is great as well. Very easy to use and many options of setting minimum quantities, values etc. I can recommend this app with the service to anyone looking for a solution like this!

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20 juni 2022

The application can be bypassed simply by exceeding the limits set, proceeding to check out, copying the check out link, and going back decreasing the quantities, re-pasting the check out link and letting the payment proceed. The necessary modification would also be a block in the payment not only on the check out page.

Medici Ermete
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Molsoft heeft geantwoord 20 juni 2022

Hi there,

Sadly this is not possible due to shopify not allowing any apps to run during the checkout process. MinCart will do everything it can to prevent the customer from reaching the checkout outside of your limits while navigating the website but due to the limitation set by Shopify there will always be a need for Manual interventions. Mincart will handle most cases. Note that from our experience it is extremely rare that a customer will navigate directly to the checkout page.

3 maart 2022

Apart from a slight problem in regards to a reset on a selection of products (where the limits disappeared mysteriously) and resulting in an unhappy customer, otherwise the app is really useful for us when it comes to shipping out multiple individual drill bit tools. Problem aside (hence lower rating), good app!

Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Bewerkt 2 maart 2022

We are using this app to block some variants of product to specific clients (B2B) by using the tag feature. The reason is that our products are limited editions and we want to reserve the last units to our B2C clients. We basically asking the app to not let those clients adding qty to their cart for those specific variants. It is a very powerful app with a loft of possibilities in term of conditions. The support is also awesome. The app doesn't really need any assistance to be installed but I had to contact them as I thought the app was creating a display issue on the 'Add to cart' button. They answer the live chat instantly, and Tommy then contact me with a detailed report. He explained me the issue came from another app, and after asking me permission, fixed the problem. Perfect!

Eyefood Factory France
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21 januari 2022

I downloaded MinCart a while ago, configured the settings and maybe adjusted the settings twice, since the initial setup. This week, the app decided to disable my Checkout button preventing my customers from making purchases. Well, that's not good, is it??? My developer troubleshooted the entire website just to find out MinCart was the culprit. He deleted the app and just like magic, the website was working again. I do not recommend this app for this major issue. If it hadn't been for my customers calling me, I would have never found out my website was not working!

David Francis Furniture
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App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 2 jaar
Molsoft heeft geantwoord 21 januari 2022

Hello friend, thank you for your review. We are sorry you have experienced an issue such as this. I would have hoped you used our in-app chat so our team could have helped you solve this problem asap when it happened. Our app is used by thousands of merchants and it's very rare problems such as this one occur. Unfortunately, there are so many themes and apps built differently, and technologies evolve so fast, it's impossible to think about every possible scenario. After reading your review, I found really interesting that our app could have worked for months or even years (it was installed since 2020) on your store to all of the sudden create an issue by itself such as this one. I asked our developer team what could have happened and they told me it is likely a feature was added to your theme or another app was recently installed on your store which interact also with the checkout button and creates a conflict with Mincart script. If you'd like, we would be happy to work with you to solve this issue. Thank you

4 september 2021

I'm having the same issue as one of the other reviews below. My customers just reported they cannot checkout on Chrome, this app is causing some issue with the checkout button from loading. I deleted the app and my cart page is working fine again. I guess we'll have to find another min/max app as this is throwing an error even when I try to open up the app on our shopify app page.

Menagerie Cosmetics
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2 juli 2021

App is pretty good and it works very well compared to others that I've used. It has more options as well. The only thing it lacks, but that's what most apps do, is a way to make it easier and faster to adjust the limits. If there's a lot of products with different rules it'll take a long time.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
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7 juni 2021

It works but some customers report problems to complete the check out because the app check for the quantity and the next page doesn't load (there is a loading circle all the time). I have sent support a request, I have not received a reply

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2 maart 2021

I've never had the need to contact a app developer before, we use the app to restrict GP practices from over ordering certain items. The developer couldn't have been more helpful, fixed an issue which was caused by Shopify and provided some first rate advice. Very happy.

Addenbrooke's Pathology
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19 februari 2021

It works but it slowed our website, and it sometimes crashed our checkout process. I have sent support a request, I have not received an autoemail assuring me that my message has been received and I will get an answer soon, We are now looking for an alternative.

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