Minta Automate Your Marketing

Minta Automate Your Marketing

da Minta Technology services LTD

Automated Product Videos Created Especially For You!

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Your Marketing Assistant!

Minta is your personal assistant! Helping you drive sales with daily video marketing campaigns created based on your store data.

Drive Sales At The Right Time

Activating your perfect next marketing! Notifying you which products to promote at the right time with ready to use videos that convert!

Your Catalog Turned Into Video

Minta automatically turns your entire store catalog into ready to-use, fully branded videos for your everyday social media engagement!

Su Minta Automate Your Marketing

About Minta - Making your life easier when it comes to marketing your business.

Minta automates your marketing in video!

We analyse your store’s real-time sales, inventory and customer behavior data to help you promote the right product at the right time with the right videos to the audience most likely to drive sales.

Saving you Time, Money and Hassle!

Minta is the only platform that uses AI to analyse your sales and inventory data and customer behavior details to create an endless supply of stunning product video ads created just for you.

Your All In One Platform

Minta does it all for you - analysing your numbers, products and customer trends in real time - and activating the PERFECT next marketing move. Minta drives sales to your store by telling you which products to promote at the right time with the right content on the right channel (Facebook, Instagram and more) exposing you to millions of potential customers. All you have to do is log in, connect your Shopify account, and start sharing product videos to Facebook, Instagram, or email. Minta will create retargeting campaigns, attract new customers, thank loyal buyers, and more by providing ready-to-use product videos designed to promote your products and offers.

Minta helps small-medium-sized business owners and Ecommerce marketers resolve 3 pain points:

  • Lack of time/ability/budget to hire or develop constant video content
  • Lack of time/ability to analyse store data and customer behavior to optimize offers for different types of products.
  • Lack of time/ability to create constant video marketing campaigns for the right audiences.

What can Minta do for you?

  • Get Facebook and Instagram videos that drive sales traffic.
  • Recommend daily video marketing campaigns based on your supply, operational, and logistics real time data.
  • Increase ROI on ad spend by switching up creative weekly or more frequently.
  • Test different ad creative and promotional offers to identify those which are most effective.
  • Improve sales for new arrivals, bestsellers, and discount items Identify and sell slow-selling products

More to come soon!

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  • Unlimited video exports, downloads and revisions

  • All automations features

  • Cancel at any time

  • Customer support

  • Lifetime license

Unlimited Yearly


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  • Unlimited video exports, downloads and revisions

  • All automations features

  • New daily product videos

  • Customer support

  • Lifetime license

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4.9 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Heidelberg Online Florist

I have been using this app since November 2020. So far I'm EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with how easy it is to make the videos, alter the templates to suit My business but most of all the fast response from the Help team. The music and template set ups to choose from are modern and VERY tasteful. Daniel has assisted me with the majority of My Emails and even listened to requests for My next big promo.... Can't wait for the Valentines Day templates to launch. Thank you Daniel and the MINTA Team for making My life so much easier and My adds that I've created look so Professional. PS.... My best friend had made a comment saying "OMG you must have spent a fortune on Advertising".... That's how Professional My videos look.

service is very fast and big updates for use of the app across social platforms. videos are easy to make and are very eye catching for customers.
will be a game changer if you haven't tried video marketing yet.

Jaded Lux Boutique

I downloaded this app very late at night, and had a minor issue. They responded to my message right away at 2 am! Top notch customer service! Also, I love the videos I can now use for marketing.