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23 de octubre de 2023

Dreadful. Every time I used this editor a new issue would arise. It forced me to put all my variables next to each other in the spreadsheet for it to add them as variables and not individual products . Then when I came back the next day they were all separated and had new product titles. The customer service were really unhelpful and take far to long to reply. Simply don't use this app .

Warm Glass
Reino Unido
5 días usando la aplicación
Mixtable respondió 24 de noviembre de 2023

As per our email conversation with you, the issue is that you were entering your product titles into the product handle column. We then sent your data to Shopify, and Shopify modified the handles to suit its data requirements. Because two products can't have the same handle, and your handle values had spaces, Shopify created individual products for each variant you were entering. We tried to explain this to you, but clearly could not explain it correctly. This behaviour is what you also get with the shopify CSV importer. Mixtable did exactly what you asked it to do. The help content on our website clearly explains the process for adding multiple variance for new existing products during product creation. Still, we are sad that we didn't deliver to your needs. As for support, we replied to your emails with an hour or so of seeing them. The only delay was on a few emails that you sent us at 2am our time - we are based in North America and you are in the UK.

17 de agosto de 2023

The functionality of the application seems to be compromised as it fails to load consistently across different browsers and IP connections. This unfortunate situation prevents us from clearly judging its performance or overall quality. We are currently unable to adequately evaluate the application's effectiveness or its potential benefits due to these persistent loading issues.

Design 10
12 días usando la aplicación
Mixtable respondió 15 de septiembre de 2023

Hi there. As explained in our email conversation thread you encountered a weird bug with the IMAGE formula that visually displays images within the spreadsheet. We addressed this bug promptly, released a fix, and your workbook opened fine. We sent a few follow-up emails about this, but received no reply from you.

30 de octubre de 2023

Money grab, shitty app.

HK Gaming
RAE de Hong Kong (China)
7 meses usando la aplicación
Mixtable respondió 29 de noviembre de 2023

You used Mixtable to update over 60,000 product metafields. As explained in our email conversation with you Mixtable updates metafields as fast as Shopify will take the updates, but Shopify has a "speed limit" as to how fast it will accept updates from us or any app. You were unhappy with how long things were taking, but it really wasn't our fault. Mixtable was pushing information as fast as possible within the Shopify speed limits. We were very professional in our exchange with you, even though you were quite rude.

Also, this is a thoroughly unhelpful review. Done seven months after being a paid client on multiple stores, frequently using Mixtable, and remaining of paying client after this review.

21 de mayo de 2022

STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP! It completely mangled my product data, and there is no undo once you update. I have ~1500 products in my store, and was looking for a way to bulk update metadata fields. First, my vendor data got overwritten by one of the metadata fields. First one is on me. Maybe I wasn't careful enough with my formulas and updating. Second time, trying to fix the mess that was made, I carefully exported from Mixtable to a Google Sheet, made all my changes there, and then cut and paste it back to Mixtable. I triple checked the columns lined up, and went row by row to make sure Mixtable matched my Sheet before I updated. Didn't matter. About 20% of my products ended up with the wrong data associated with them in Shopify. I went back to my sheet and Mixtable to make sure I had everything right. I did. But the data that was updated in my Shopify store was still wrong. This app is a great idea (honestly, bulk updating metafields should be built into Shopify), but it is not ready for prime time. If you care at all about the integrity of your data STAY AWAY!

Graham Fine Wines & Spirits
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
27 de noviembre de 2021

This app has potential. Having spent a week looking at various options to make product information management easier and after comparing Shopify apps as well as external PIM SaaS solutions, some that are very expensive compared to Mixtable. I have concluded that Mixtable does have some potential if you are looking to move away from using a spreadsheet and storing your product information in a database. Its hybrid approach has benefits for those looking to use formulas like they have for calculating pricing with cost, margin and markup to determine sell price. The PIM solutions I have tested don't do this as easily as using simple formulas in a spreadsheet, nor do they offer you a view on one page where you can see lots of rows of products and a relatively way to easily edit product attributes in bulk. Mixtable is nearly there but the syncing of the data does seem extremely slow. Not sure if its the server infrastructure they are using? AirPower and AirTable work much better but formulas are a PITA. Mixtable is on the right track to offering a great product, but I believe more work needs to be done to get the product where it needs to be.
Alrededor de 20 horas usando la aplicación
Mixtable respondió 28 de noviembre de 2021

Hi there. Very sorry that you ran into issues. Our sync is generally quite fast, limited by the read/write speeds that Shopify allows. It is possible that you ran into a bug, and we'd love to chat to find out what happened, so that if there is a bug we can solve it for everyone.