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7 aprile 2022

Goeie app, zorgt ervoor dat je store er professioneel uit ziet. Werkt makkelijk en je kan elke kleur aanpassen naar je huisstijlkleur.

Paesi Bassi
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 4 mesi
CartBoosters ha risposto 7 aprile 2022

Heel erg bedankt en graag gedaan!

23 marzo 2022

Best App you can find. Fits very well to my website and the support is even better. Thanks to jason!

Bems Home
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa un mese
CartBoosters ha risposto 7 aprile 2022

Thank you so much for your review and you are welcome Oguzhan!

18 marzo 2022

excellent application to help customers understand the essentials of a product sheet, I recommend...

French Lady
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Quasi 2 anni
CartBoosters ha risposto 7 aprile 2022

Thank you for sharing your opinion about our app!

Data modifica: 24 marzo 2022

Updated Review: This app is great for conversion rates and has a really nice design, so it pains me to write this. Not once...not twice...but three different times this app has destroyed our Palo Alto theme. We can not longer use the app because the issue was causing our payment section on our product pages to disappear and the header for the page to disappear as well. We deleted the app and the problems continued to get worse (which happened on two different occasions)! We had to get Shopify support involved and not sure how, but the app's code was 100% removed from our theme and then it went back to normal. I know that Booster Apps (the maker of this app) typically tries to explain why it's not their fault. I would like to see some form of accountability. Since this issue has happened to numerous different people, instead of defending yourselves, get to the bottom of it so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Stati Uniti
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 6 mesi
CartBoosters ha risposto 28 febbraio 2022

Thank you so much for your positive review! The issue you faced is fixed and the loading speed is faster now.

30 agosto 2021

The application works really great and made my product page much better. Customer support is extremely helpful and fast.

Bambusowe i bawełniane akcesoria dla dzieci. The Little Heaven Shop
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 4 mesi
6 luglio 2021

The application is good, the website looks great but the customer service is pretty bad. I have waited several days for support and as they have not replied I have had to solve my problem by other means.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 2 mesi
7 giugno 2021

Jason has helped me countless times with so much patient. I dont have an HTML background so I had to contact him to insert the cart above product name. He was so quick and nice. I appreciate him so much. Also the app is great, i recommend it. It gives a good look to your website and honestly its worth 5$ a month with the service Jason offers and how these icons really look. Thanks Jason!!!

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 6 mesi
16 aprile 2021

Great app. The support is extremely quick to respond and has helped me in more than one occasion. Five stars

Stati Uniti
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 10 mesi
6 aprile 2021

The support is very lazy and weak. I send a lot of emails because I have a problem, that I cant open the dashboard app! And.... nobody help-me!

Vieza Skin
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 4 mesi
27 marzo 2021

Awesome app. My site looks alive and able communicate few FAQ in a great visual. Customer support is another add on to it, it took less than 2 hours to setup widget that fit my theme

Midha Collections
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 23 giorni