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4. duben 2023

I would avoid. A CRO company told us about this app. We downloaded it for the trial but it lacked basic functions that Rebuy or Upcart have. Then the company asked to use our logo on their website to highlight large merchants using their software. We told them we're not even using it. Turns out we were being billed and we never used the product. But they wouldn't refund us the funds.

Read the other responses on how the reply to criticism and you can see they lack customer service. I would opt for Upcart if you're needing a cheap solution or Rebuy for more advanced.

Also, cart apps crush your page speed so I would just stay away entirely and have a developer custom code something which is what we've done.
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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 4. duben 2023

The app charges a flat monthly fee based on the total orders processed by the online store. This is specified when a trial is started as well as in our detailed pricing doc. Having said that, we do process a full refund in cases where the issue is legitimate and have done so for several merchants. This store used 3 features of the app well beyond the trial period before raising a refund request and hence theirs was rejected. We have 250+ reviews praising our customer service, I apologize that Monk wasn't the right fit for you.

Datum úprav: 19. leden 2023

App is seriously glitchy. Installed and tested a few different offer types. Had problems with product variant selector not updating on my offer products, products were erratically appearing and disappearing when they shouldn't have based on conditions set in the app. The final straw was after trying to remove or update offer products and quantities in the cart, the cart threw an error and went blank. After testing three different types of offers and having multiple different issues with each, I decided to disable. Not risking plummeting my conversions just to test on on live traffic. I'm giving it a 2 star review because I like the idea, execution just not great. I'm pretty bummed as I did quite a bit of research on apps and saw the good reviews on this. If they can show me solutions or show me that I'm missing something (highly unlikely), I might be willing to try again. Moving on for now.

Update 1/19/2023: I just lowered my rating to 1 star. I gave this app the benefit of the doubt after their team told me they had fixed some issues and to retry the app. Everything seemed like it would work, so I made the cart upsell feature live. I watched over the next two days as my normal sales pattern was completely thrown off and sales volume literally cut in half.

I've been doing this long enough to know there was some kind of tech issue. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was happening but finally found that after adding an upsell to cart and clicked checkout...ERROR! THIS APP COMPLETELY KILLED MY CHECKOUT PAGE.

The only reason this debacle didn't go any longer was because my support team reported to me that they could not complete manual orders in the backend. When creating a draft it would not allow them to proceed to enter CC details.

I absolutely loved the idea of this app and how many things it was purported to do. WISHFUL THINKING!!!

DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP! Unless you like solving technical issues and losing sales.

Piece of junk implementation.

BioSource Nutra
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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 19. leden 2023

Almost all the issues faced by this store were due to the theme they were using. It seems to be a poorly coded, non-official theme purchased from a third party marketplace and with low quality custom dev work done. There were random, undescribed lines of custom code in the cart's liquid files that were interfering with the app's code. We raised a collaborator access request to their theme to try and manually removed these lines of code to get the app working as intended but were unable to do so.

I apologize if the app wasn't a right fit for the store.
We recommend any store owner reading this to zero down on a theme only after careful consideration and avoid hiring low cost freelancers from websites like Fiverr for custom development work. Investing in a good theme + a steady, high quality freelancer or agency will pay it's dividends in the long run.

14. červenec 2023

rubbish apps .. charge me money,...... I never use it apps and just install charge me $ dollar.... rubbish apps ...try to scam us.

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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 15. červenec 2023

Update (July '23): A full refund has been processed.

This should not have happened. We apologize that you were billed even though you did not make use of the app. Please see the e-mail we've written to you - we are going to process a 100% refund right away.

10. prosinec 2022

There are a lot of bugs and issues in the app. We raised multiple tickets that it was not passing any of the discounts to our 1 click checkout setup but they kept saying it was an issue with the checkout partner while the checkout partner said otherwise.

Also when we asked them to help move a widget by adding space below the add to cart button, they failed to do that. We had already done that in our theme but it was not working and their support team was of no help. Also, now they are not available for live chat support, so you just keep writing back and forth on emails without any resolution

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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 19. leden 2023

The store seems to be using a third-party non Shopify checkout which does not support post purchase upsells. The app has post purchase upselling powered via Shopify's official Checkout Extension which is incompatible with this particular third-party checkout solution.

We have 200+ reviews talking about how swift and helpful our support is. We do our very best to help our merchants resolve any issues they face immediately but the roadblocks on this store were complicated in nature and resolving them real-time on live chat would not have been possible which is why we suggested emails.

19. listopad 2022

Was looking for an Upsell for the holiday sales, but the customer support never reply my question after waiting for a week still nothing.
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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 20. listopad 2022

We did reply to them via email a couple of times but seems like the email address they provided was a non responsive one.

29. srpen 2022

Why can't they make a normal gift app. Please note that promo codes for discounts will no longer work in your store... You can add only one gift.

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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 29. srpen 2022

1. Monk is a full suite AOV enhancement app with free gift being one of our many features.
2. There is an option during the app setup to enable compatibility with discount promo codes & automatic discounts.
3. The app has a default restriction of 1 gift per customer but merchants have the ability to remove this restriction from a setting within the setup.

2. únor 2023

This app uses a workaround creating "Draft Orders" and so when we went live it created errors in our reporting and workflow for "Online Orders." Also, it was not working consistently and only half of our customers had the promotion added to their cart.

Madaras Gallery
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Vývojář Monk Commerce odpověděl 3. únor 2023

Update (June '23): The app now uses Shopify Functions instead of Draft Orders.

We use Shopify's Draft Order mechanism because it provides incredible flexibility in the way offers can be set-up using Monk. A merchant can create multiple separate promotions like a gift with purchase, a few bundles as well as upsells/cross sell and all of them will work independently and seamlessly.

In this specific case - the promotion was applied as per the rules configured within the app and the other half of customers that did not avail the promotion because they did not meet the eligibility criteria setup by the merchant.