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28. prosinec 2023

Works as expected most of the time. And if not the support team is very helpfull and fast.
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17. listopad 2023

So far the app has worked great, and the customer service is spot on - they answer very quickly and offered to help with a specific problem we had. I removed one star because using the app takes a little bit of getting used to, it's not something you can do without getting to know instructions first.

Yeppo & Soonsoo
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1. září 2023

While the analytics really leave something to be desired, the ease of use to set up this app, personalize it, stack discounts and features, and create a better customer experience is really all top-notch. The customer service in itself is worth every penny. I've reached out to them multiple times through the chat and have had resolutions and answers well within an hour. They're friendly, quick to respond, and open about what they know needs to improve and their plans for doing so.
If you're looking for a super easy, user-friendly experience to enhance your customer's experience, I would 100% recommend Monk.

Wicked Edge
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5. červen 2023

Almost perfect. 4.5 / 5 Soon it will be 5/5.
Simple to configure, simple to use.
Very kind, helpful and efficient customer support!

Only 4 stars because for now, it does not work when 'buying immediately' but this option will be available soon. At that time, it will be worth 5 stars.

Le Temps des Lunes
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8. srpen 2023

I need more experience with this app to be certain of it's reliability and how the features / functions work but so far so good. The support staff have been highly responsive when they're open and are kind, courteous and willing to test and demonstrate using video recordings how to help you see what is going on with your Monk/app specific issues on your website.

LifeTimer International
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11. září 2023

works well and is free

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5. srpen 2022

This app has everything I have been looking for in regards to free gifts for my customers. I did need help and the live chat support was awesome and rectified all of my issues. Highly recommend.

Coco and Wick
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14. listopad 2023

Benamôr 1925
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