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21 febbraio 2023

Had high hopes for this app. Their tech support was very responsive and they attempted to be as helpful as possible. They get an A+ for customer engagement. Unfortunately, I experienced limitations and glitches with the app that ended it's usefulness. During our use of the app our conversions were severely impacted - partly because we didn't realize it had shut off the ability to enter discounts. Talked to their tech support about it and they helped solve, but conversions continued to be very poor. Maybe it wasn't the app or maybe it was, but after uninstalling the app our conversions returned to normal. This app seems to be headed in the right direction but right now it seems like they need to refine it some more. This app might work for your setup but I would not recommend it at this time.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear
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Monk Commerce ha risposto 22 febbraio 2023

We apologize for the experience but this is extremely unusual. This is the first time we're hearing of the app negatively impacting a store's conversion rates. The app is live on 100s of stores all across the world without any such issues or roadblocks so likely that this might have had something to do with the theme being used or some other app on the store that might be causing a cross interference and impacting a buyer's ability to convert.

Data modifica: 25 novembre 2022

quick install, does what i needed it to do. Very fast chat support. i wish it were easier to change the text regarding the offer that the customer sees, but they were able to get it changed for me quickly. did not actually work with other shopify discounts. would either let the customer use an automatic discount, or get a free product, but not both. disaster. not user friendly.

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Monk Commerce ha risposto 25 novembre 2022


Monk actually does have a Shopify discount compatibility in place - it's mentioned during the app set-up as well. We have 100s of stores using Monk's features in combination with their discount codes and automatic discounts.