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Bewerkt 13 juni 2022

This app is so good for boost your cart design and function, but I can't believe that this app have not a native support for language translation... the customer service suggest me to install another app for translate the text on the cart, but I, as all other people that use multilanguage Shopify, already have an app for translator, and is not acceptable to install (and pay) another app for translate... please STAFF do your best to integrate this, we already pay to use your app! P.S: I'm not asking for an integration with my translating app, but to let MonsterCart APP (a very game changer app) to let translate the text natively from the app settings.

Hatproof Cappelli
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Monster Apps heeft geantwoord 4 juni 2022

We do not integrate with your existing translating app. As per support conversations.
Unfortunately, it's up to them to build the code to make it work. We are code wizards but we can't play God 😅 and force them to do it. - For anyone reading this... as we say in our integrations lists... we are compatible with the #1 language app on Shopify - Transcy. If other language apps want to support us feel free!!! 🙌🥰

11 december 2021

I like this app, but I try almost all the order limit quantities app, none of it is fit for this app. the app will bypass the limit quantity app!! Should make the app implementation more cooperative

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Monster Apps heeft geantwoord 11 december 2021

Hey there... 😅😅😅😅Compatibility with the apps you are trying is next to impossible.
Most of these apps use the same technical functions we do.. which makes us incompatible. (There isn't much we can do)

You're the first store to ask for this specific feature in cart and we are adding it to our roadmap.
Our ninja developers never stop working to bring out updates... 🔥🥷🤘🏻

However, there are a ton of other stores we are looking after who have their own requests too... we have to prioritise as best we can.

Glad you like the app. 🙌 Sorry to hear it doesn't meet your needs.

All the best.. ✌🏻