Moose Sync ‑ Custom CSV import

Moose Sync ‑ Custom CSV import

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Import products & Schedule full or partial inventory updates

Import products

Import products from different suppliers. Use CSV files to sync your inventory feed (URL download and FTP). Use SKUs as unique identifiers.

Transform data

Make suppliers' data Shopify friendly. Map columns, create virtual fields, transform values, apply equations, translate content and more.

Update inventory

Automatically update products, at the desired time and frequency. Run full or partial updates (eg. only the inventory quantity or pricing).

Moose Sync ‑ Custom CSV importの詳細情報

*New August 2021*

  • Support sFTP & SSL connections
  • Use zipped CSV files (.zip)
  • Update any item already in store based on its SKU
  • Add a multiplier to pricing - Apply one or more equations per field

Popular use case

The data supplier sends 2 CSV files, one for importing general product data and one updating inventory quantity and pricing.

Key features

  • Import/Update products from an unlimited amount of data feeds, unlike other popular import apps. In other words, you can have a lot of data suppliers.
  • Quick setup: connect your feed in seconds and launch your first import
  • Import and update products using CSV files (Manual upload, URL download & FTP)
  • Import and update products using Google Sheets and Dropbox links
  • Supports CSV files using commas, semi-colons and pipes as CSV delimiters (field/value separators)
  • Pick a unique identifier between handle, title or SKU, to match products from multiple imports and/or multiple CSV files to the products already in your store
  • Multiple supplier files for one store allowed
  • Schedule automatic updates to keep your inventory feed synced
  • Full or partial updates (eg. update inventory and pricing fields only)
  • Fields mapping: variants, sku, collections, tags and more
  • Apply equation (eg. price multiplier) or Add text (eg. append text at the end of product titles)
  • Apply transformation (eg. if value is "A", transform it into "B")
  • Virtual fields: merge different fields from your data source into a new one (eg. compose title from multiple columns)
  • Field duplication: add data from one field or column in your supplier file to multiple fields in Shopify
  • Metafields supported
  • Multiple images import & ordering
  • Import inventory feeds in multiple language
  • Translations supported with Langify
  • Keep track of tasks and error logs
  • Email notifications & reports
  • No coding required

Do you have custom import needs?

Does your supplier have a custom data structure or a unique CSV file format? Do you need to migrate products from another platform to Shopify? We can customize Moose Sync or build your own product importer app. Contact us to share your needs or to get a quote.

Need help?

Mapping your CSV files to your Shopify store might be tricky, especially when it comes to dealing with external data providers. Let us give you a hand. We offer file analysis, field mapping, import monitoring and theme editing for a flat or hourly fee. Have a look at our demo store for more info.








  • 15 products
  • Unlimited imports per day



  • 5000 products
  • 3 imports per day



  • 10 000 products
  • 6 imports per day
  • Priority support



  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited imports per day
  • Priority support

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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JamRaq Boutique

The price rule builder truly is a lifesaver for us! Our wholesale branch depends on it. Thanks Moose!


Nice tool to update my SKUs from different sources. Use it twice a month. I recommend................

Rira Smith

I use it to run inventory updates from 2 different suppliers. The app works really great. We've had a small glitch at first with our variants, but they solved it. Thanks Derek for the help!