Product Variants Reloaded

Product Variants Reloaded

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Upto 1,000 REAL Variants and 6 REAL Options per product

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Upto 1000 variants per product

No need to be constrained by the 100 variants per product limit. You can now list and sell upto 1,000 REAL variants per product.

Upto 6 Product Options(GOLD)

Extend Shopify's three options per product limit and offer upto six options per product natively and without sacrificing anything.

Free Setup and Installation

We offer free setup and integration with your store along with the necessary theme edits in case you need technical assistance.

Podrobnosti o Product Variants Reloaded

Overcome Shopify's 100 variant per product limit and sell upto 1,000 REAL Variants per product.

If you want to sell more than 100 variants per product, this app can help you overcome that. With this app, you can:

  • Add upto 1000 variants per product
  • Allow your customers to add them to cart from a single product page
  • Unified image gallery with images from child products displaying in the parent product's image gallery.
  • Automatically remove child products from the parent when they get unpublished
  • Set parent product's URL as the canonical URL on child product pages for SEO.
  • Facilitate easy hiding of child products from collection pages, search results and more.

How it works

Shopify has a 100 variant per product limit so to overcome this problem, the app combines upto 10 different individual Shopify products into a single product so that the variants from all those products can be served under a single Parent Product. A master product within the app's dashboard is a collection of all those products and you can add/remove Shopify products to a master product.

Not an Unlimited Options app

There are numerous apps available that allow you to add unlimited dropdowns checkboxes etc. to your product while still remaining within the 100 variant limit. However this app is not that, it allows you to actually offer your customers a real and seamless experience of choosing from more than 100 variants for a single product.

Six Options per product(GOLD)

With the app you can extend Shopify's three options per product limit to six options and serve upto 3000 variants characterized by upto six different options. This feature is only available in the GOLD version.

Creating a master product with 100+ variants

A master product is a virtual product on the app to manage the products that go into a parent product page on Shopify. To create a master product: - Search and add products from your store via the app - Select a parent product whose URL will serve as a landing page for your master product, combining variants from all the child products. - Save your master product and you're done.

Master Product via CSV Upload

You can also create a master product by uploading a list of variants with their SKUs and option values.


The app supports adding the parent product's URL as the canonical URL on the child product pages. This will help solve the duplicate content issue if you have similar descriptions, titles etc. for the child products as the parent product.


Some theme edits are required for the app to work properly. We offer a Free Installation for all app users. If you want to edit the theme yourself, you can find instructions on the app dashboard inside Shopify with necessary code to add.

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  • Upto 1000 variants per product
  • Combine upto 10 products
  • Free setup and integration with store
  • Import master products via CSV
  • SEO features



  • Upto 3000 variants per product
  • Combine upto 30 products
  • Upto 6 options per product
  • All the features from SILVER
  • (Upgrade to GOLD via app UI)

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** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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Very good App and does exactly what it says and the service is just as good. Had few issues but resolved within minutes of getting in touch with the support. Thank you again for such a fantastic solution that most Shopify store owners require.

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6. prosinec 2021

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Ich & Mummy

The Team of PVR doing a great job. the support was quick and really really good. They help me to install the app. Also the app works great. I love it.

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21. listopad 2021

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Sabattus Disc Golf, Inc.

We had been looking for a way to override Shopify's limit of 100 variants. This app is the solution, customer service is top notch and quick to respond. I was struggling with it to merge together, they stepped in and assisted quickly. They even followed up after we had it running to make sure we were all set. We were also in the process of updated our website with a new theme, I reached out to them and they added coding to the new theme which was one less thing to worry about. Highly recommend.

Odpověď vývojáře

2. srpen 2021

Thank you so much for the kind words!