MorrCalls: Callback Requests

MorrCalls: Callback Requests

door Morr Apps

Can't answer? Never miss a call from a potential customer.

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Offer 24/7 Customer Service

Customers are able to schedule a callback at a time that suits you both.

Increase Your Conversions

With professional support and personal contact, people are more willing to buy.

Never Miss A Single Request

Get an instant notification when someone requests a callback.

Over MorrCalls: Callback Requests

Lowered in price!

Are you not able to answer the phone? Are customers trying to contact you outside the opening hours? MorrCalls: Callback Requests gives you the option to contact customers at a time that suits both you and the customer.

MorrCalls: Callback Requests lets you stay in control over your own schedule, without missing out on customer contact and support.

Customer contact is the key to a good business. We at Morr Apps understand that not every business owner can be available 24/7 to answer phone calls from (potential) customers.

The MorrCalls app gives your customers that 24/7 support, so you won’t miss out on leads. Give your customers the option to receive a callback to answer their questions at a different time. You will get an instant notification when a callback request comes in.

#1 Comprehensive solution to manage callback request for your Shopify store

People that request a callback show a high interest in your products. Turn them into customers with a personal callback. We offer a free version with up to five callback requests per month. Start using our app today and let your business grow.

Benefits from the backend

  • Complete control over the design and the translations
  • Instant notifications when a new callback request comes in
  • Our app works from within the familiar Shopify dashboard
  • Support is 24/7 available to answer your questions within a couple of hours
  • The app works on every theme

Benefits for you as a shop owner

  • Maintain control over your agenda
  • Never miss leads with personal contact
  • Setup your availability. Show the callback request option when you need it.
  • Set reminders for scheduled callbacks
  • Collect phone numbers from visitors for retargeting
  • The app is lightweight (15 kb): won’t make your store slower

Benefits for customers

  • Customers can choose a preferred time for their callback
  • Visitors can request a callback 24/7, even on holidays
  • Customers get professional support and personal contact

At Morr Apps, we believe in adding more functionality to our apps. Our apps are lightweight, easy to set up, reliable, and trustworthy.

The data of your business and your customers are safe with us. We take your privacy very seriously.

Start trying MorrCalls: Callback Requests today, and never miss out on potential customers.

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  • Up to 15 monthly free callback requests
  • Complete control over the design
  • Instant notifications, reports, and scheduling
  • Best for startups



  • Up to 50 monthly callback requests
  • Complete control over the design
  • Instant notifications, reports, and scheduling
  • Best for small businesses



  • Up to 100 monthly callback requests
  • Complete control over the design
  • Instant notifications, reports, and scheduling
  • Best for medium stores



  • Unlimited callback requests
  • All previous features
  • Quick, personal support
  • Best for bigger stores, looking for a complete solution

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