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26 september 2020

This is a good app. It helped me get my website to where it needs to be. I would recommend to my friends.

Faded Out Thrift
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21 minuten gebruiken de app
23 oktober 2020

Love this app! Many customer feedbacked that they are intrigued by the pop ups from the app :) Highly recommend!!!

1 minuut gebruiken de app
25 april 2020

good stuff I love the app and I think it's gonna help me get more sales on my shopify store for real

The MPNG Shop
1 minuut gebruiken de app
26 augustus 2020

Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.

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15 april 2020

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JMD Furniture&Mattresses
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1 minuut gebruiken de app
23 september 2020

app bom, satisfatório para um começo de loja, com toda certeza será um app otimo para alavancar as vendas

Compre Leve Shop
14 minuten gebruiken de app
14 maart 2020

just install not sure yet, need to wait and see, hope it do the job,the price is also very affordable

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12 minuten gebruiken de app
19 mei 2021

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Queen Of Apex Boost
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MakeProSimp heeft geantwoord 19 mei 2021

Hi Queen Of Apex Boost,

Thank you for the review. Please guide us if you need any help at in-app chat or and our team will get back to you ASAP.

MakeProSimp Team

7 november 2022

Heavy Price charged . not good , price is height but not sale guarantee. so try another same app for free

White Dahlia
16 minuten gebruiken de app
MakeProSimp heeft geantwoord 9 november 2022

Hi White Dahlia,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We always welcome our customers' feedback. We will surely look into the feedback and we are so sorry for facing the issue. Our app offers Free & Paid [$6.99/month only] plans both. And currently, we also offer the paid plan [$3.50/month only] with a 50% discount [For the BFCM celebration]. The customers can try a free plan to see the results of the app and by getting the results, they can subscribe to the paid plan. And, the paid plan is offered with a free trial to see the results of the app.

So sorry but you have used the app for 5 minutes only. And you will not get the result of the app within 5 minutes. So we are requesting you to use our app for a month or higher to see the results of a free plan. And we have tried two times to contact you for guidance and you have read our emails but haven't responded.

You can reach us anytime for support at We will be glad by helping you.

We wish you will get prosperous success and good luck!

MakeProSimp Team

17 februari 2022

Estamos probando la app para poder dar una correcta reseña, pero en una primera instancia se siente muy amigable en el uso

Vitalica Colombia
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MakeProSimp heeft geantwoord 17 februari 2022

Hola Vitalica Colombia,

Gracias por escribirnos esta valiosa reseña, ¡lo apreciamos! Nos alegra saber que te gusta nuestra aplicación y servicio. Y mis mejores deseos para una gran experiencia por delante. Puede comunicarse con nosotros en cualquier momento para obtener asistencia en

Deseamos que obtenga un éxito próspero.

Equipo MakeProSimp

************ English Version ************

Hi Vitalica Colombia,

Thank you for writing us this valuable review, we appreciate it! We are glad by knowing that you like our app and service. And best wishes for a tremendous experience ahead. You can reach us anytime for support at

We wish you will get prosperous success.

MakeProSimp Team