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7 settembre 2022

Bra app som underlättar hanteringen av frakter. Lite rörig och småklurig att sätta upp men när allt är på plats fungerar den som den ska. Mycket bra support som svarar snabbt mina frågor.

8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
12 gennaio 2022

Cela fait deux fois que je dois appeler le service pour remettre l'application à jour. Le service est rapide et excellent mais il est difficile de parler avec la représentante en français, voir impossible. Elle a pris le contrôle de l'écran et finie par m'aider à remettre le tout en ordre. Très gentille et courtoise. Toujours, je ne comprends pas pourquoi le service s'est déconnecté de mon système deux fois en 1 mois.

Boutique Inten6t
4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
7 aprile 2022

Wir verwenden die App, um unsere Versandlabel für UPS auszudrucken. Das funktioniert einigermaßen gut und zuverlässig. Das einzige Manko ist: Wenn man ein Problem hat und den Support anschreibt, bekommt man zwar relativ zügig eine Antwort, aber selten kann dieser einem weiterhelfen. Das ist sehr schade, vor allem, weil die App kostenpflichtig ist. Wären diese Probleme nicht, z.B.: Es werden Bestellungen übernommen, deren Produkte als "Kein Versand" markiert sind und ein paar andere Kinderkrankheiten würde diese App mehr als 3 Sterne verdienen

Weinberg Shop
Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
2 giugno 2021

Still on free trail. The app function is good, customer service is pretty quick and professional. But there is needs to improve: no any type of report can be exported, no way to export a summary for all orders shipped out by end of day.
Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
11 agosto 2022

This app has been a life saver for setting up certain shipping features I want for my store. However customer support could use some improvements. Specifically I've had troubles with Prathyusha not being very helpful and being vague with answering my questions- for separate occasions. This most recent issue I faced, someone else in customer support (Sibi) ends up taking over for Prathyusha and solving the issue for me instead. I've had enough with Prathysha that from now on if I need to contact customer support, I will specifically ask to not be given her.

Larsen's Danish Bakery
Stati Uniti
29 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
21 giugno 2023

Excellent customer service. Manohar was great but the limitations of the product prevented a great resolution.

We have customers come to us, often when they've pre-ordered, and ask to make a change to their order. So, we make the change in Shopify and update the order. Based on my initial understanding, the "update" webhook should have picked up the change of product. It did not.

It turns out I have to go find the order in PH MC, change it's status, then go back to Shopify Order screen and make the change and add a "space" or some other change to the address and THEN click the update button to make it import correctly.

This kind of obtuse "work around" is what we're trying to avoid by going to Shopify. When we make a product change to our order, it often changes the packaging and shipping costs.

Given some of the other great features of this App, it's hard to imagine this use case slipped through the cracks.

Stati Uniti
15 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
PluginHive ha risposto 23 giugno 2023

Dear Scott,

We sincerely appreciate your kind feedback regarding our Customer support. However, we regret to learn that our product hindered you from attaining a satisfactory resolution.

Regarding Order modifications, we would like to provide you with a simple solution. Prior to making any adjustments to your order in Shopify, we kindly request that you update the order status in the app to "INITIAL." Once this is done, you can proceed to modify the order in Shopify, and the app will automatically reflect these modifications without requiring any further action from you.

Additionally, we are thrilled to inform you that we have an upcoming release scheduled for the second week of July. This release will enhance the seamless experience of handling Shopify order modifications, offering you even more convenience.
If you would like to further explore the recommended process for Order modifications, we would be more than happy to arrange a Zoom call with you.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We are here to assist you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Data modifica: 30 settembre 2022

Updated: Revised to 3* (happy to revise to a higher rating once the issue with local post integration gets resolved) A+ for effort, Keerthi has been very helpful in getting things sorted. FedEx now works properly but we've hit a wall with the local post office integration. The issue is not all entirely with PluginHive, as the local post should making sure the correct information is being used. Basically if your local post has suspended and resumed different services over time due to COVID, there's a chance the app will pull up services that are still suspended for the destination country. You can get around it temporarily with automated rules, but as I've mentioned to the team that's not a reliable way as available mail services could change at any time. Still a work in progress. --------------------
9/29: I liked the idea of what this app was meant to accomplish. I was previously using "Ship Rate and Track", also by PluginHive which worked really well for FedEx. I switched to "PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label" as I wanted to set up a connection with my local post office. It's now been over 5 hours since I installed this app and we (myself and support), have yet to configure a working connection with the local post and the FedEx rates now no longer work. The UI is not that friendly and despite the emails claiming support will call to assist in sorting this out, they've just literally gone quiet. Great if you're able to make it work, but now I've gone from having a shipping service that was working, to none. Needless to say, not very happy with the lack of communication!

Rapp Collect
RAS di Hong Kong
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