Multi‑Store Sync Power

Multi‑Store Sync Power


Automatically synchronize inventory across multiple stores.

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Automated inventory updating

Sync Power automatically updates inventory in all linked stores whenever there is a new order, refund or cancellation.

Create & Update Products

Create and update products in all stores automatically by simply creating them once. All fields and images are synchronized for you!

Find unlinked products

Easily find any unlinked products in your stores. See if any SKUs/Barcodes are not set up properly & missed synchronization process.

Su Multi‑Store Sync Power

  • Selling the same inventory through multiple Shopify stores?
  • Have stores in different regions or simply dropshipping?
  • Tired of manually updating inventory & create products manually?

It’s time to have your inventory issues resolved once and for all. "Sync Power" allows you to concentrate on selling while your inventory is synchronized, updated & current across all of your stores.

Is “Multi-Store Sync Power” for you?

“Sync Power” is designed for merchants running multiple stores:

  • multiple Shopify accounts after going international
  • owning & selling multiple brands
  • separating B2C and B2B channels
  • dropshipping

One. Synchronize inventory levels across stores / locations.

“Sync Power” creates a seamless process of making sure that your inventory amounts are the same in every store. "Sync Power" automatically updates inventory in stores when there is a new order, refund, cancellation or restock. An automated check for inventory levels across your stores will make sure you never oversell.

Two. Synchronize products’ fields across stores / locations.

“Sync Power” allows you to update the product’s fields in every connected store whenever there is a change in the “main” store. The app updates fields like title, description, SEO data, images, variants, price, and so on. You can select which fields you want and which fields you do not want to be synced.

Three. Create products automatically in all connected stores / locations.

While updating products is very useful, creating new products automatically is even better. “Sync Power” can also create products… Just enable this option and see products created in your main store appearing in all other stores with all the fields created and synchronized.

Four. Complete multi-location support.

"Sync Power" allows you to connect locations inside connected stores. You can sync inventory on a location level rather than store level. Enjoy great flexibility & precision.

Five. Synchronization history & orphaned products.

History page shows all the changes that happened in a specified period of time and their reason.

Why using "Multi-Store Sync Power"?

“Sync Power” allows you save a tremendous amount of time, deliver revenue faster and achieve better business goals. The combination of reliability, precision, automation, and real-time inventory updates makes “Multi-Store Sync Power” an incredibly powerful Shopify app!"

Enjoy great customer support!

We love our app, and we want you to love it too. We constantly release new updates and improvements to make “Multi-Store Sync Power” even better. If you ever need us, feel free to contact us - our support team is fast, reliable and to the point!

Thank you for using "Multi-Store Sync Power"!

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  • Stores with 0 - 25 products (per connected store)



  • Stores with 26 - 100 products (per connected store)



  • Stores with 101 - 1,000 products (per connected store)



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  • Stores with 1001 - 5,000 products (per connected store)

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4.7 stelle su 5

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Paloma Wool

Awesome support service! The perfect app to sync your Shopify Plus stores and forget about repeating tasks.


I wanted to wait until we were fully set up and had been running the app for a while before rating it. This app has done exactly what we were looking for and is a great value for the price, considering how much time it is saving our team! My company has two physical stores, each with its own Shopify store, but a lot of our products are sold on both sites. We used to manually create a listing on each of our sites for each new product, manually update on each site whenever a change needed to be made for a product listing, and manually had to communicate across locations and update inventory when an item was sold at one location. Besides taking up a lot of extra time, this also left a significant margin for error and lack of consistency in the product listings across the two sites. With this app, whether we're creating a new listing or updating an existing one, we can now do that one time, in one place, and see the changes reflected across both of our sites. We were even able to sync up both of our locations for inventory, so when an item sells or is added at either store, it automatically updates across both. I also want to note that I had a few questions before installing the app and during the setup process and the developer's team has been very helpful, with fast but thorough responses to all of my questions and helped me get the app up and running quickly and smoothly. They also made sure I knew how to back up my products prior to installation so that I felt more confident when installing the app in case there had been any issues. I did have to spend some time making sure that all of our products had unique SKUs before activating the app but since I took the time to ensure that was done, I didn't have any problems once I installed the app. Very happy with this app as are my co-workers who were doing most of the manual work before, and my bosses who have the peace of mind in knowing that none of our product listings will have inconsistencies.


We're still in test mode with this app, but it's performing really well and seems like an excellent and useful app for multi-store owners with the same stock that needs inventory synch.