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9. September 2020

App is not fetching proper data. Ad account is showing way too less sales and hence data is not correct.

The Awesome Store
6 monate mit der App
MultiPixels hat geantwortet 10. September 2020

Sorry I was under the impression that it was working for you as you never got back to me. Please contact support and we can resolve this for you. Kind regards, Duncan

17. Februar 2019

Extremely useful app, I used this app to set multiple pixels in my website, easy to use and they have an amazing support team, they are very insightful and helpful

Etwa ein monat mit der App
7. April 2019

The best APP, and the best service,
first call, all that preiciso they help me fast and with high efficiency, best pixel app I've ever used thanks multipixel team
29 tage mit der App
2. Juli 2019

This app is absolutely amazing in so many ways. By far the best multi-pixel tracking app on shopify, and I've tried them all.

Vereinigtes Königreich
13 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 4. April 2019

Don't install this app, does not work fine well (all pages don't fire) and it does not uninstall properly, letting some code in your store. A big mess!!! Developper says everything works fine now on my store. Let me tell you TRACKIFY worked for more than one hour to fix this bug with your app. ;)

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
MultiPixels hat geantwortet 4. April 2019

Hey there, sorry to read that you are not happy with our app. We are very open with our support and have worked with several stores to ensure that our app fully works with their theme, we would rather that you are not disapointed and would be more than happy to work directly with you to ensure that it works with your theme so why don't you give us a chance to ensure full compatibility with your store? If, however you would prefer to move on then the code that needs to be manually removed is below

Remove {% include 'multipixel' %} from Theme -> Layout -> theme.liquid file.


Stef (Multipixel Product Director)

24. Februar 2019

Used this app so I can use more than 1 pixel on my general store. Easily installed the app and had it all set up in minutes. Thank you!

Cards Guard
7 tage mit der App
30. März 2020

this is the best app to use multi pixel. also, they have very good and quick support. Really appreciate!
Vereinigte Staaten
5 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 5. Mai 2020

The app doesn't track adds payment info and doesn't work well, the Only wast of time I will remove it now

Vereinigtes Königreich
2 monate mit der App
MultiPixels hat geantwortet 5. Mai 2020

Hi sorry AddPaymentInfo is not possible unless you have Shopify Plus. I’ll update our documentation to make this more clear. Kind regards, Duncan

6. Mai 2020

Does not work this app. Please do not waste your time ! Bad quality support. Looking for another app !!!!!

Yalla Hype
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
8 tage mit der App
MultiPixels hat geantwortet 6. Mai 2020

Hi in order to receive support you have to contact us. We can assist and ensure it is working correctly. Kind regards, Duncan

16. Januar 2021

The app was good, the only thing that could be better is a support live chat on the app, because the only way to contact them is by email

Galáctico Shop
30 tage mit der App
MultiPixels hat geantwortet 19. Januar 2023

Thanks for your feedback - super happy you like the app and that it works well for you! And appreciate your suggestion for the support channels. We always aim to reply to all emails within 1 business day. Will take this suggestion on board as well, it's a good idea! Thanks - The StoreAddons Team