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  • 評価の9%は4つ星です
  • 評価の6%は3つ星です
  • 評価の5%は2つ星です
  • 評価の7%は1つ星です

Excellent app to be honest, easy to import products, nice marketing material. My only complaint is my orders started off shipping super fast, one did the same day, but now they are sitting around and it's disappointing that the consistency didn't stay the same.

Alana's Boutique
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2021年4月14日

Thanks for the review we appreciate the feedback, sometimes our tracking confirmation emails do end up in junk and spam folders, please send us an email with your order number and we can definitely check for you.


I have been using this app for a few days now and I had some technical difficulties that caused some confusion. Turns out that the issues were not with this app but the integration with the Shopify app. After clearing up the issue with Shopify the app is working great and I would definitely recommend it to my fellow business owners. 4 stars cause I always look forward to improvements. Thank you

Dyir Clothing Co.
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2020年2月1日

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!


I deleted this app a month ago and i am still being charged. May someone please cancel my subscription or tell me how to do it?

ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2021年4月5日

The charge you see may be for billing period that was prior to your cancelation date. Please contact Shopify support as they handle all billing related to the APP. Once they reach out to us we will authorize a refund for you.


We like the auto updating of inventory.. seems prompt and accurate.
A lot of items to choose from.. is awesome.. and the list seems to keep growing each week..

3 stars = Lack of High Fashion styles in clothing and shoes.
3 stars = Item name is way too long. (the most annoying)

those fixes will give 5 stars.

Fashion Feet Shoes
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2019年3月9日

We appreciate your feedback and giving our company and our APP an opportunity!

Regarding Lack of styles: We want to provide our members with merchandise that caters to a much more wider audience and merchandise that is in style, essential for every wardrobe and most importantly super affordable. With over 4000 Skus available we are also adding new styles every week to ensure our partners have access to new, affordable and quality fashion they can offer to their customers. With that said we welcome all feedback and suggestions from our customers, as one of our main goals is to offer a wide range of styles to our members that is both trendy and cost effective. At the end of the day our objective if for you not to just have access to our inventory but to be able to actually sell the items and make money.

Regarding Product Titles: You are able to edit the titles after you add them to your website. We also offer a free service where our design team can edit the category pages on your website to have the titles displayed only by certain characters in essence shortening them for you automatically.


je suis déçu de se fournisseur, c'est trop compliqué... mon client commande et après plus de nouvelle on sait pas comment faire pour une personne qui débute c'est compliqué, de plus je demande comment cela se passe on m'envoie un liens qui me dis de cree un compte de repasser commande manuellement pour que mon client qui as deja commander payer reçois son article et de plus on me dit qu'il faut commander minimum 100 dollars je vais pas tarder a quitter dommage car jaime vraiment beaucoup leurs produits.
cest une application faite pour commander et vendre en physique chose que je ferais surement a lavenir

ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2020年4月18日

We appreciate your feedback i hope i have understood you correctly, forgive me if i have not, regarding the minimum purchase requirement, that is for regular wholesale customers only, when you are a drop ship member with us, meaning if the app is active in your store, after you notify us, your account will be updated and the minimum purchase requirement will be removed from your account. So you can order 1 piece at a time if you need to!


So glad that I found this app. It is much less expensive than the other app I used before. The cost of the merchandise allows me to offer good price points to my customers. I also love the fast and knowledgeable customer service in resolving my issue. Shout out to Edmond! I would have given this app 5 stars if we were able to place the orders right in the app.

Moda de la Rucci
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2020年4月14日

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!


Most exclusive products and the best model ever ! Thank yu! yu added the value that I searched for a long time.

ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2020年6月8日

Thank you for the review, we appreciate it!


I just canceled my subscription and the app
I hope you delete my data and don't withdraw the monthly fee by mistake, otherwise I will dispute everything to PayPal and Shopify
I worked a days for nothing and got no answers for all my disputes via chat and email

I am clear and notice that your subscription is left in my store alongside the shopify subscription to be paid later, the subscription is required after the 15-day trial period and therefore I had to subscribe to the subscription to start importing your products into shopify means the 15 dayes terial is finished , I worked for 15 hours and I managed to import only 20 single products without description with a single image with only one color , the button add to shopify works only once time , to solve the problem I have to reinstall the app to add a new product , also the unsubscribe button is corrupted
In short, it takes a year to complete a store with ur magic app
First you have to create a working app and test it before putting it to the public before you even ask for a payed subscription
Your app isn't even worth it for free ,
Finally, I ask you to remove the payment left in my store
I've wasted enough time already and I don't care to ask anyone for support
Soo sorry

Carauana Store
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2023年1月17日

Please keep in mind we are based in Los Angeles, CA.
Since you are based outside of United States, you submitted your questions our time 1:49 am and 3:13 am, we do respond to all inquiries within 12 -24 hours.
It is unfortunate you did not provide us the opportunity to respond to your inquiry and fix whatever issues you may have been having.
If still interested, please contact us we would love to have the opportunity to address whatever issues you may have had.
Regarding the charges, our APP does come with 14 day free trial.
If you have a pending transaction that has not yet been posted, please contact Shopify support as they handle all billing for our app, once they contact us we will authorize a void of that charge for you.
Good Luck with your future plans!


I've got to say, the products they have here on this site are VERY GOOD.
So if you're looking for Womens fashionable clothing, this is the place. Like many other reviews, The issue I have is with the customer service. Response time is good, they have a chat feature which they get back to you pretty quickly. However the customer service and professionalism is really lacking. They make you feel rushed, One sentence responses by email, and I actually ended up connecting on the phone with one agent, I had a couple of questions... This agent literally took a deep breath and exhaled... as if I was holding them up from doing something . SO UNPROFESSSIONAL. If he or she is overwhelmed with work or tired dealing with same old questions from customers who pay money for their products. I think its time to move on from this profession. I can honestly say if they revamp their customer service team, they'll get 5 stars from every merchant on here...Thats keeping it real

ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2021年2月5日

Thanks for your review and your feedback, we apologize if our customer service was not satisfactory, we take customer service extremely serious, we are constantly improving all aspects of our business, we will take your feedback and improve on it. Once again thanks for your review!


I like the idea of this app but I wish it was more like oberlo. You have to manually place the customers order on their website 1 by 1 which can take a lot of time if you have lots of orders. They really need that auto fulfill feature! and like someone said before they need to add more urban clothes.