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So glad that I found this app. It is much less expensive than the other app I used before. The cost of the merchandise allows me to offer good price points to my customers. I also love the fast and knowledgeable customer service in resolving my issue. Shout out to Edmond! I would have given this app 5 stars if we were able to place the orders right in the app.

Moda de la Rucci
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2020年4月14日

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!


I like the idea of this app but I wish it was more like oberlo. You have to manually place the customers order on their website 1 by 1 which can take a lot of time if you have lots of orders. They really need that auto fulfill feature! and like someone said before they need to add more urban clothes.


I used this app to help build our website and to gain access to our dropshipping inventory. I was very pleased with the customer service, though I never spoke to a live person, via phone. They were extremely helpful and responsive via chat or email. My only disappointment was that my website had several pages that were empty and they refused to put inventory in the sales category, even after explaining that was my draw to selecting the page and it showed inventory on the example. They would not add the inventory and just sent instructions for me to do it myself. I was familiar with how to build a website, so I did it. I believe if I had insisted, they may have compiled. Otherwise, I was and am well pleased with all of their offerings and support.

Valiant Co.
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2022年10月4日

Thank you for your feedback and review we appreciate it, please note part of the $99 turnkey website we offer, we build the website website for you & add 500 of the newest items to help you get started, the rest of the items you need to add yourself using our app. Because the sale items are not "new items" that is why your sale category was empty. We have already setup your categories and collections, all you need to do is simply select whatever items you want & add to your store using the app, with just few clicks.
If you are still having issues, please contact our support team, we can create a video example and email it to you.


So far so good! Better than another app that is offered by Shopify. Great prices that allow you be competitive. Only thing i would change is how color and size title is loaded. It's loaded as 'Select Size' instead of 'Size'. This causes issues with loading to some sales channels. I have to manually fix each item. Also, you shouldn't load the MSRP prices as it makes it seem as if all items are on sale if I'm charging a lower price. I would like to see more urban styles for regular and plus size. Also would like to see more shoe selection. Once you have all of those things this would be my only source!!!

Style Your Curves

Awesome customer service . respond in a very timely fashion if you have any issue . and they update their stocks pretty often

ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2019年7月2日

Hi thanks for your review, we really appreciate it!


user friendly, products are good, especially if its USA based. i noticed sometimes stocks are limited.

You are Beautiful
ccwholesaleclothingが返信しました 2020年10月14日

Thanks for the review, we appreciate it!
We are definitely increasing the quantity of the products we carry, as the demand of our merchandise is growing. This is a huge priority for us.


I am editing my review after receiving a response from their support as stated, within 12-24 hours. Based on customers feedback, they have added more products to their stock, after that change I can now say that this app worth the $29.99 and if they continue improving and adding a lot more products and stock I would pay even more for the subscription. Keep the good work!

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