Nada: Sort & Hide Out of Stock

Nada: Sort & Hide Out of Stock

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Hide out-of-stock products or move to the end of collections.

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Auto Hide Sold-Out Products

Auto-hide sold-out products immediately or after being sold out for few days. Set redirect to the homepage or any other page to avoid 404.

Real-time Sorting & Hiding

When product is out of stock, it's instantly moved at the end of collection or hidden. You don't need to do it manually or per schedule.

Move Sold-Out To The Bottom

Put sold-out & out-of-stock products last in the collection. Once re-stocked it will be returned to the original position. Improve your SEO.

Nada: Sort & Hide Out of Stockの詳細情報

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A very useful app for putting your in-stock products first in any collection on your store. So you don't have your customers looking at the sold-out (out-of-stock) products that they can't purchase anyway. No more manual hiding of sold-out (out-of-stock) products, we will just put them to the end of the collection. It works with both automatically or manually sorted collections.

Put in-stock products first

In-stock products are sorted and put before the sold-out (out of stock) products. So your customers are always presented with products which they can buy.

Move sold-out & out of stock products to the bottom of collections

Out of stock & sold-out products are sorted and put at the end of the collection. The products are still there, still visible in your store, just at the end of the list.

Auto-hide sold-out products

When you prefer to hide out-of-stock items completely the app can hide (unpublish from the online store) the product as soon as it's sold out or a few days later. When back in stock the app makes them visible again immediately.

Redirects to boost your SEO – no more 404 errors

Hidden product pages will be redirected to the homepage or any other page you want.

Return restocked products to their original position

When the out-of-stock product is back in stock it is visible again and returned to its original position.

Real-time processing

The app is checking your inventory in real-time so whenever any of your product becomes sold out or back in stock the app sorts the collections or hides/publishes the product.

Automatic collection/catalog sorting

You can choose the sorting type for the whole collection, including the most popular "Best selling". Once you select which collections you want to sort out, the catalog sorting is done automatically whenever some product's inventory drops to zero, so you don't need to do it manually every time some of the products become out of stock or sold out.

Option to sort products available for pre-orders or backorders

You can choose in Settings if you would like to push down the products that can be sold even when out of stock.

How to use Nada: Sort & Hide Out-of-Stock?

  1. Click on the "Enable auto-sorting" button or select multiple collections and sort them on one-click
  2. The collection is being auto-sorted, out-of-stock items moved to the end
  3. The sorting time depends on the number of products in the collection but usually don't take more than 5 minutes
  4. The collection is now sorted and will also be re-sorted in the future whenever some product is sold out or back in stock. It will also sort any new products added to the collection later.






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  • Limited time offer – 50% OFF
  • For Basic Shopify stores
  • Push out-of-stock products down
  • Hide sold-out products
  • Chat & email support



  • Limited time offer – 50% OFF
  • For Standard Shopify stores
  • Push out-of-stock products down
  • Hide sold-out products
  • Chat & email support



  • For Advanced Shopify stores
  • Unlimited collections & products
  • Push out-of-stock products down
  • Hide sold-out products
  • Chat & email support



  • For Shopify Plus stores
  • Unlimited collections & products
  • Push out-of-stock products down
  • Hide sold-out products
  • Chat & email support

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** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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East Shore Modern Home Furnishings

The Nada App is a snap to install and does exactly what it says it will do. It has sorted my products and now customers will land on available products instead of grayed out "Sold Out" ones. Not to mention I have not seen any noticeable site speed issues. Tom is a genius and is quick to respond. I had a simple issue and he was able to come up with a quick workaround solution that is golden. I truly recommend this app for all stores on Shopify.

0031 Shop

An amazing app and support! It's very easy to install and it works immediately. Sold-out products are placed at the end of the collection, so potential customers don't have to search for their products between sold-out products anymore. The hide/unhide functionality is great. You can even hide products after several days! There are no 404-errors anymore, because you can redirect hidden product pages to the home page or any other page. The app saves me a lot of time and is really worth the money. About support: I had a few difficult questions and Tom was really patient, friendly and helpful. He and his team dived into my questions and they helped me out in no time.


All we can say in one line "It's a life-saving app". We search many apps, but all over they are hiding out-of-stock items from Shopify which is a simple uncheck from an online store. But we are surprised to see that none of them actually didn't study that what the merchant actually needs. If your store has fewer than 100 items you can actually hide them manually. Then why would someone need that kind of hiding app? On the other hand when some store has more than a thousand items, then it's very simple 10-20 items can go out of stock daily and also can become re-stock daily. We do not find any single store that did not use Facebook, Google for Ad. But how can all other apps forget this simple fact? If you hide your item from the store and get 404 pages you will constantly lose your SEO, product approval from Facebook, Google, Which can result in your account suspension also. After searching a lot we found Nada App!! It's just Awesome !!! exactly does what a real merchant need. Brilliant app interface. Single-click activation. Just active and forget. Like we have 50 thousands+ items but we never need to worry about it. This app doing everything automatically well. The best part is we even can deactivate for some specific collection that we need to keep the newest item first. A complete package in such a small amount. A++++