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2. juli 2024

Pretty much useless. Terrible customer service takes ages for anyone to get back to you. The real problem is any order made on any channels do not get automatically fulfilled after fulfilling in shopify, you have to manually put all your tracking info in to every order on every channel. All the other inventory management systems do this automatically. I can't actually understand what you would use this for as it misses all the main basic functionality you would need.

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10. januar 2024

Avoid we have used them for 2 years, recently they have asked if we would like to be moved to new interface with an option to moving back to old system for whatever reason. After the change they refused to move us back to old system. Furthermore they have the changed data we were relying on our listings. Customer service not replying to messages.

11 måneder bruger appen
17. juni 2023

I have been using Nembol for over a year now and it's okay for the price I do have something to say though that bugs me. We have been teased with improvements for 6 months now which include categories, which would be a super big help for me, this has not been implimented yet. Customer service is slow (due to being in a different timezone I understand but still they dont seem to understand the issue when you get in it). It cannot properly publish to Amazon, sometimes inventory that is marked as out of stock somehow gets back in stock and is sold, which causes issues with the platform metrics because I have to give a refund for out of stock and I get a negative customer experience and negative flag on my account from the platform (etsy, ebay, or amazon). There is no easy way to link two products that are the same from different channels, it says it does it via SKU, but this isn't always correct, they need a manual way to link a product.... that right there would be a MAJOR game changer. If they would impliment the categories and add a way to link products together manually this would easily be a 4 star review instead because the price is right but at this point Nembol is a big headache and slowing down our growth. I really hope they get the ball rolling on promised changes and not just leading us on and I REALLY hope they impliment a manual way to link listings. I feel like the devs should contact and screenshare with a couple of us having ongoing issues to see what we see, the product has a lot of potential but it needs some major tweaking

JAG Art Supply
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Redigeret 23. april 2021

Having to change my glowing 5 star review as I have had a very rocky road with Nembol for nearly 2 years. Constant bugs however support will blame other issues which are not the issue. The products cannot be mapped (so when the system does fail you it cannot resync items on there - you have to delete them all and start again - I've had to do this several times) support can seem helpful but in reality, it doesn't solve the issues. One of the most visually inviting sync management systems but it is so flawed its unworkable. Might work for those with a very small inventory but for us, it caused more stress then help - and it $50 a month that's not fair.
Some people in support are nice, others arrogant - I am sure they will try to comment on this review to blame us and not their app - but the fact you cannot even change the email associated with the Nembol account demonstrates how much more work needs to be done to make this app work for the customer. Feel I have given them a very fair chance over the last couple of years and a monthly subscription of $50 to boot. I have a support chat that stretches a mile and still left without a correctly functioning sync. They keep adding new features without fixing the primary purpose.

The Architectural Forum
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6. oktober 2022

I have been "testing" this software for almost 1 year -paying $49 a month- and the various different bugs encountered never allowed me to go live with sync among my different channels.
Too bad; I really wanted this software to work. I kept on trying.
Unfortunately, I just came to learn that Nembol doesn't work with different warehouse locations. I've learnt the hard way!
Be careful:
One can't connect a shop with 2 locations as products will be automatically duplicated from primary to secondary location randomly.
Nembol will write (should I say overwrite) your current inventory even if you have all update switches set to off. Inventory updates can't be stopped. I guess I should have studied the documentation as suggested before connecting this app to my store. My inventory has been totally messed up by this.
After damaging my store Nembol terminated my subscription without further notice (leaving the subscription active on Shopify ready for the next bill). Maybe a tool for basic stores with few items 1 location.
Not my case.

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Nembol Inc svarede 20. oktober 2022

The issue was SOLVED IN OCTOBER 2022.

Thank you for your review. Summary for future users:

PROBLEM: SKU duplication happened exclusively with those rare Shopify stores that had both a) active Shopify locations, and b) the same SKU stocked in multiple locations.

SOLUTION: On October 4th 2022, Nembol introduced a control blocking inventory sync of products with the same SKUs stored in multiple locations.
Please check Product Updates:

CURRENT STATUS: Users with active Shopify locations can SAFELY USE NEMBOL SINCE OCTOBER 2022. No errors, no glitches, and safe use with app-locations and drop-shipping providers.

Back when you used Nembol we had warnings, but the block is now in place for current and future users.

We are very sorry for your bad experience. You have been fully refunded for your 1+ year of charges.

1. juni 2023

With nearly 1/2 of their reviews being 1 star.. this is basically all you need to know about the app!

Very buggy, with tons of duplicates, and unable to sync all the products and all the orders. Has created tons of wasted time cleaning up its mistakes.

The best part, after months of trying to get it to work properly I gave up so I uninstalled it from the shop but I still got charged!

They have a company policy of no refunds but will give a 100% coupon with no expiration date for the service you canceled...LOL! This fact here is the only reason I took time out of the day to write this review

Their much better apps and more importantly, better run companies here.

Unique Skateboard Wall Art and More | YFOS ART
4 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 26. januar 2022

Customer service is rude and unhelpful. This is also the only app on the market that can’t sync orders correctly. When multi item orders sync they get broken out into multiple orders.

Goblin Clan Games
4 måneder bruger appen
Nembol Inc svarede 26. maj 2022

Hello, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by your experience. Our customer support team works diligently to assist all users to the best of their abilities. Please understand that our response times are aligned with European business hours, which may result in delays for users in different time zones.

Regarding our "order transfer" feature, it is still currently marked as "Beta" as of May 2022. Despite this, it does enable the transfer of orders to Shopify, generating one order in Shopify per each order line created in connected channels. We acknowledge that there is room for improvement, and we are actively working on enhancing this feature. We will keep all users informed of updates through our monthly newsletter.

It is important to note that while order transfer is a part of our offering, Nembol primarily focuses on easily listing products and syncing inventory, which are the key features we market.

If there is anything else we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to let us know. We appreciate your feedback and value your continued partnership.

Thank you.

17. marts 2017

they wanted me to pay $150 for importing products from etsy, so it's not free even on a trial period and more than that - it's not easy to find how to unsubscribe from it.

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 19. maj 2020

Very clunky interface that is hard to use. Product mapping between channels is not thought out well. Also, product import makes no sense as the CSV has to be re-formatted and there is no mention of this until you contact the support. Customer service eventually starts ignoring you.

Rome Tech Cases
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Nembol Inc svarede 22. maj 2020

Thank you for pointing out these perceived issues with Nembol. After your latest support request we've been working on improving Nembol on the basis also of your experience.

You had problems exporting from Excel a .csv file with ; instead of , as separator, and back then we fixed that issue together. According to our records, you did not ask for further support since then.

In the meantime, we updated our CSV tutorial on our blog , so that everyone can now solve this problem right away.

Also, we took your suggestion and we are finalizing a CSV video tutorial that will be posted on our YouTube channel and on our website.

We are ready to help you towards a better set-up wished you to come back. Good luck with your business.

11. marts 2021

dont use this app. worse customer support i ever saw!!! they will never answer! maybe after a few days.

Ben-Ari Art Gallery
21 dage bruger appen
Nembol Inc svarede 21. april 2021

Hello, we sincerely apologize if we were unable to meet your expectations.

Based on our records, we understand that you are located in the United States. While 45% of our customers are based in the US, the remaining 55% are spread across different regions, including Far East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Considering this distribution, we made the decision to set up our support operations in Europe.

Regrettably, it appears that you have been contacting us during nighttime in our time zone, but we made it a priority to respond to your inquiries within two business hours. We apologize if this was not sufficient for your needs.

Please feel free to let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards.