Sofortig: Australia Dropship

Sofortig: Australia Dropship

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Dropshipzone-More than 15 popular Categories, Over 6,000 SKUs

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Import products from Australia based dropshipping website in no time More than 15 popular Categories, Over 6,000 SKUs

How it works

Choose Products- Import personalized products to your store

Sell Products- Start Selling on your Shopify store

Place Order- Once you get order place it to DropshipZone

Dispatching Order -We will ship products to your customers

Earn Money- Sell products at your price and get the profit

Dropshipzone Features

  • Remarkably Low Start Cost
  • Wide Range Products
  • No Inventory
  • No Packaging Hassles
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Unrivaled Customer Support

Sofortig Features

Access to Over 6000 products

  • New products launch weekly. You can offer a competitive selection to your customers. You will find a variety of Internet’s hottest selling products on Dropshipzone. You can search products by keywords, category

Instant Product and Inventory Sync

  • Our product importing and inventory update is fully automatic synced. The best practice for avoiding loss caused by over selling and product discrepancy.

Automatic Shipping Fee Calculator

  • We handle the shipping fee for you. No more hassles on shipping fee set up, so that you can be more focused on marketing.

** Important** This app requires that you have access to Real-Time Carrier Shipping enabled on your Shopify account. For any questions regarding access to the Real-Time Carrier Shipping, please contact Shopify Support.

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1.9 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Shopping Done NOT happy my account password and email on this app wont work yet there website will i am beyond upset with alot of angry customers!! looking at cost and impact may seek legal action under common law


For some reason Sofortig does not update my inventory, even though they are connected to Shopify and have an app. Instead, I get a CSV file emailed to me every day - which is NOT made in the Shopify approved .csv format, so it is completely useless. I have to manually change my stock quantities every single day! The stock on hand on their .csv file does not match the stock on hand on their website, which shows 2 different stock levels depending on where you are on their site at the time. Also, I cannot find Sofortig as an option in my Shopify shipping settings, so I have had to create a separate supplier profile, which makes it more difficult & time consuming. But my biggest problem is this one: I sent them an email last week to ask why many of their 'wholesale' products I have imported cost me almost DOUBLE than that of retail prices offered to the public from Officeworks and Harvey Norman. And why they quote the RRP as being up to 3 times higher than retail actually is. They haven't responded after 3 days. So if I don't get a reply & an explanation soon I will publish the prices here. I have also made a formal complaint to Shopify.


product search not loading product search -> petcare. Tried to import 3 products and getting error - "server pool instance killed"