Sofortig: Australia Dropship

Sofortig: Australia Dropship

door Sofortig

Dropshipzone-More than 15 popular Categories, Over 6,000 SKUs

2.3 van 5 sterren(4 recensie)

Over Sofortig: Australia Dropship


Import products from Australia based dropshipping website in no time More than 15 popular Categories, Over 6,000 SKUs

How it works

Choose Products- Import personalized products to your store

Sell Products- Start Selling on your Shopify store

Place Order- Once you get order place it to DropshipZone

Dispatching Order -We will ship products to your customers

Earn Money- Sell products at your price and get the profit

Dropshipzone Features

  • Remarkably Low Start Cost
  • Wide Range Products
  • No Inventory
  • No Packaging Hassles
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Unrivaled Customer Support

Sofortig Features

Access to Over 6000 products

  • New products launch weekly. You can offer a competitive selection to your customers. You will find a variety of Internet’s hottest selling products on Dropshipzone. You can search products by keywords, category

Instant Product and Inventory Sync

  • Our product importing and inventory update is fully automatic synced. The best practice for avoiding loss caused by over selling and product discrepancy.

Automatic Shipping Fee Calculator

  • We handle the shipping fee for you. No more hassles on shipping fee set up, so that you can be more focused on marketing.

** Important** This app requires that you have access to Real-Time Carrier Shipping enabled on your Shopify account. For any questions regarding access to the Real-Time Carrier Shipping, please contact Shopify Support.



  • Privacybeleid


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2.3 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies


The app is useless. It cannot link my existing products which I have already imported using CSV. On top, it is confusing to use. I'd rather stay and use my macros to update stock and data rather than relying on this app. Also there is 0 support from the developer. Sent them a couple of mails but no response. Oh and did you know that Dropshipzone sells their own products on ebay and other marketplaces way below the cost price they give to the dropshippers. I wished they could play fair!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

1 oktober 2020

Hi LifeStylz,

Thanks for sharing your feedback.
First of all, we're sorry that we missed your Shopify support message on 23July due to an avoidable human error. We'd already reviewed our SOP to prevent missing any one valuable message.
In alternative, you could contact us via directly.
In ease of merging reseller existing product to Sofortig, we are now developing a new function in Sofortig and hope to resolve your problem
Again, we love to hear back from our customers and will strive to do better.

Nook & Cranny Homewares

This app is a big help in importing stock, but it fails to find a number of products. They are on the dropshipzone site, but searching for them in sofortig just gives the message "No Product". This is extremely disappointing. The app has also been producing a number of errors "connect ENETUNREACH - Local (" which prevents me from logging on or if I am in the app, it will prevent me continuing with what I am doing, and more recently "server instance pool was destroyed". It would appear that some work is needed on the back end of this application to make it more stable and useful.

Utopia Home

I used this app, so that the stock on the store is always up to date. But only after 2 days, we realised that the app is not updating the stock. Its showing the items as in stock on the app, but actually they are out of stock on the website. Its really upsetting, that the core purpose of the app is not fulfilled.
Also, the app takes over the shipping rules for the store. So if you have multiple vendor, as we do, sofortig shipping rules are visible for all products across different vendors. This is clearly not the right use case. Sofortig shipping rules should only apply for products which are managed by that app, and not for all vendors. We already lost shipping cost because sofortig calculated as 0, where as we had to pay the other vendor shipping cost.
Finally, not all the products have Logistic weight. It could be a bug or its intentional. But it would be hard to understand how the shipping charges are calculated for products with logistic weight as 0.
This app really needs some working. As it stands, its not fit for purpose.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

1 september 2020

Thank you for posting a review and we’re sorry to hear that your experience was not of the quality you expected.

For your inventory stock out-sync issue, we will deep dive to investigate asap.
Using Sofortig as storefront carrier app could always be an option, reseller could able to setup his own shipping rate to override Sofortig. For reseller who work with multiple vendor, it is highly recommended to setup different 'Custom Shipping Rate' profile for corresponding product so that Sofortig will not calculate the shipping rate for non-Sofortig product.
In regarding the shipping cost, it is given from Dropshipzone in which the calculation is based on delivery address and product category.

Again, thank you for your feedback to make us better.