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3 augustus 2023

I am beyond thrilled to share my experience with the No Fraud Shopify app! As a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur, I've always been cautious about fraud and chargebacks, which can severely impact my business's bottom line. However, since integrating the No Fraud app into my Shopify store, my worries have vanished, and my confidence in accepting online payments has skyrocketed!

The No Fraud app has truly been a game-changer for my business. It boasts an impressive array of cutting-edge features that have significantly minimized fraudulent transactions while ensuring legitimate customers' seamless shopping experience. Here are some highlights that have left me thoroughly impressed:

Advanced AI-Powered Fraud Detection: The app utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze customer behavior, purchase patterns, and other relevant data in real-time. This sophisticated approach has proven to be highly effective in spotting suspicious activities and preventing fraudulent orders from going through.

Real-Time Scanning: One of the most remarkable aspects of the No Fraud app is its ability to scan transactions in real-time. This means that potential risks are identified and addressed immediately, reducing chargeback rates and saving me valuable time and resources.

Seamless Integration: Installing and setting up the app was a breeze! The user-friendly interface guided me through the entire process, and I was up and running in no time. No technical expertise required!

Customizable Settings: The app allows me to customize the fraud detection rules according to my store's specific needs. I can easily adjust the sensitivity level to ensure accurate results without compromising on genuine customer orders.

Dedicated Support: The No Fraud team has been incredibly supportive throughout my journey. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, their prompt and knowledgeable customer support team was just an email away.

Since implementing the No Fraud app, my store has experienced a significant decline in chargebacks, leading to improved profitability. Moreover, I no longer lose sleep over potential fraud attempts, allowing me to focus on growing my business with confidence.

In conclusion, if you're a Shopify merchant seeking the ultimate fraud prevention solution, look no further than the No Fraud app. Its top-notch features, user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer support make it the perfect choice for safeguarding your online store. I wholeheartedly give it five stars and highly recommend it to all fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs!
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27 juni 2023

NoFraud is an exceptional service for our business. On one hand, their set-it-and-forget-it model is absolutely perfect for our day to day business and their ROI is clear. For the bulk of fraud, we're covered.

But what makes NoFraud special is their human touch. It sets them apart from almost ever other service we use: if we're see anything weird, there is a person we can reach out to. They've helped us hone our returns policy to fight returns fraud; they've helped us identify strange payment patterns; and their algorithm is fast enough to not impact conversion rate. I can't imagine running a Shopify site without NoFraud.

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14 juni 2023

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... actually there won't be a once or a twice because you're blocked by No Fraud.

If you exchange money for goods or services, No Fraud needs to be part of the plan. They will stop nearly all fraud, and make it too hard to come back and do more. They are excellent at this, their primary task.

Beyond stopping fraud, No Fraud is the most consistent and reliable vendor we have any type of partnership with. None of the API mess ups, missed refunds, fumbled cancels, and other poor performance we've occasionally had to have a truth-telling meeting with a vendor about. Gold standard at all nuts and bolts interactions. Excellent responsiveness to questions. And yes, nearly all fraud stopped.

Tiege Hanley
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31 mei 2023

Orders are screen and marked Pass / Fail in under 5 minutes. They're even able to protect orders that Shopify might have flagged as potential fraud. Screening orders for fraud verification by analyzing customers' data including name, credit card security info, address of shipping and billing, IP, and more.

Affliction Clothing
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9 maanden gebruiken de app
27 september 2023

Oh no, it seems like the NoFraud support isn't what it used to be, which is a letdown. We used it to check on sketchy transactions once in a while. The last time we asked for help, even though we marked it as urgent, it took them a whole day to get back to us. Then they asked for the transaction ID again, even though we already provided it. They didn't even reply in the support portal, just by email. Then, just like that, they closed the ticket. This has happened more than once. The support quality has definitely dropped, which is frustrating since we're paying for it. We hope they can get back to how good they were about a year ago.

Redkey USB
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Bijna 4 jaar gebruiken de app
23 november 2022

We've been using NoFraud for a few years and would recommend it tremendously. Occasionally something will get flagged as fraudulent when it isn't, and they're very responsive and are often able to get it verified in a timely fashion.

Beyond Aero
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29 juni 2023

Running a business online in 2023, you need to protect yourself with NoFraud. With fraudulent orders becoming a common occurrence, every website needs to be protected. You won't be disappointed with NoFraud and their amazing team.

Wine Chateau
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Bijna 6 jaar gebruiken de app
8 november 2022

Great solution for fraud protection. Easy to use. Great support. Haven't had any chargebacks yet and most orders are passed.

Flag & Anthem
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
14 september 2023

This is a nice app, has been helpful in detecting and giving us the risk associated with every order.

Viva Store
16 dagen gebruiken de app
12 september 2022

This app has truly helped our warehouse filter out any fraudulent orders, as well as helped to alleviate any return/refund processing in the backend. It automatically scans the purchase location, credit card and IP address to discern the various ways the order is valid or invalid. We have a great success manager, Lisa W. who has always been super helpful and responsive along the setup process.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty
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