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14. syyskuu 2021

We've been using Nosto for 6 months now and love the improved shopping experience that Nosto's product recommendations have provided to our customers. Our CSM Julia is extremely helpful and helped us with both onboarding and updating the styling on a new theme that we recently transferred to. The backend is very intuitive and we just got access to Nosto's training academy that has detailed tutorials on best practices.

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13. tammikuu 2016

Truly incredible app and a great addition to our store. We saw an immediate increase in conversions and sales. With all the features Nosto offers the overall value you get is amazing!

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11. tammikuu 2019

We're using Nosto to recommend products to our customers that they'd probably miss. The app contributes to the sales volume every day (from day one) so it seems to be a very useful addition to our shop's features. Looking forward to try the email and popup features as well. The customer support is excellent! Beyond their well designed templates we wanted to customise recommendations further and with their help we've been able to get quick results! Great job guys!

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Muokattu 14. syyskuu 2015

We've been using Nosto for 2 months now, and we love the app. Key benefits/observations:

1) Instituted product recommendations and saw immediate lift (~10%) in AOV and sales conversion.

2) Customizable recommendation logic to cater to different situations and needs (e.g., cart page - can show what ppl who bought the item within your cart also bought, product page - upsell related products, only recommend products w specific tag/filter)

3) Nosto's analytics offer insight into health of sales funnel and helped us to identify other areas of our shop that needed work (e.g., abandoned cart rate was high, so we instituted guest checkout, greatly improving conversion).

4) Strong support team that is proactive in helping us get the most out of Nosto. They are also active in building additional functionality (e.g., recently launched personalized pop ups/emails) vs. pure maintenance.

5) Clean UI and friendly UX

Overall: a well built app, supported by active/competent team, that delivers hard dollar results.

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4. tammikuu 2019

Brilliant app. I hesitate to even call it an "app" as it in a full machine learning system which boosts conversions and cart value. It is far more powerful than the competition. On top of their superior technology, the Nosto team is super responsive, intelligent and friendly. At ShopElf, we recommend Nosto to all of our clients.

Kinsley Armelle
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12. marraskuu 2018

We launched Nosto to help with conversion and to increase UPT/ATV with the personalized recommendations feature. Setup was a breeze and the team is beyond helpful. Really great product that grows with the business - A great addition to our ecommerce platform! Highly recommend!

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29. syyskuu 2021

Nosto is a fantastic app that has helped us boost our conversion rate. The team is super easy to work with and proactive and consistently suggests updates to increase conversion. We love how customizable it is and would highly recommend if you are looking for a product recommendation tool. It is so much more than that and is an incredibly useful tool with an awesome team behind it.

Jennifer Meyer
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19. huhtikuu 2016

We've been using Nosto for over a year now and have it installed on all of our 5 stores. It's a great and relatively easy way to serve product recommendations to customers. The commission-based pricing is fair and ensures you get what you pay for. We've been able to integrate it seamlessly into our theme and support has always been very helpful.

Note that installing Nosto is not just as simple as installing an app to your store. Some coding is required. We have a developer so it wasn't an issue for us, but if you're a "mom and pop" store without in-house web development skills, plan on getting someone to integrate it for you. It won't take long, but it's not something that I would recommend the uninitiated doing on their own.

Homogenizers Net
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14. kesäkuu 2021

Nosto has been WONDERFUL to work with. Our account rep has essentially become an additional member of our team, and we couldn’t be more thankful. Not only does Nosto assist us in setting up and running dynamic site changes and tests, but they have also gone above and beyond to make suggestions and recommendations for us in order to optimize our website and improve overall customer experience. We have seen positive, measurable value since utilizing Nosto. Would highly recommend using this app!

La Colombe Coffee Roasters
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24. syyskuu 2014

Nosto is quick and easy to install with very good support. We particularly liked the seamless integration into our store design.

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