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Enrich your fashion catalogue with AI-generated product tags

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Tag more and faster with AI

Within seconds, AI will perform the manual and time-consuming task of product tagging and create a product catalogue rich with metadata.

Improve search & discovery

Improve shopping experiences and conversion rates by enabling customers to easily search, discover and filter products in your store.

Insight & personalisation

Utilise rich product metadata perform your data analytics helping you to make better business decisions and improve personalisation.

Su Tag‑Gen

The game-changing app for your FASHION business...

A well-managed product catalogue is the key to running a successful e-commerce business. It can directly impact inventory, merchandising, onsite search, product discovery, sales and overall digital shopping experiences.

Traditionally, product tagging is a manual process that is labour intensive, time-consuming, costly, error-prone and lacking in depth. Fashion retailers with thousands of SKUs may not have the capacity to tag products at all and if product tags are inaccurate, search results are directly affected. For example, if a customer is searching for a ‘long-sleeve, striped, black blouse’ and the results return a ‘short-sleeve, black, casual top’, she will find the experience disappointing and frustrating. This is where Tag-Gen comes into the picture:

Leverage AI to generate tags within seconds

  • Automatically create consistent, objective and accurate product tags providing the basis for a rich, high-quality product catalogue
  • Tag an image in less than 10 seconds, vastly increasing the speed to digitise and offer products to consumers
  • Save time and free up internal resources for further growth-related utilisation

Customise tags that match brand-specific naming conventions

  • Customise colour palettes by using specific colour names and introducing colour shades
  • Rename product attributes and tags or provide synonyms to make them relevant to your brand-specific naming convention

Optimise product search & discovery to improve digital shopping experiences

  • Rich tags and SEO friendly descriptions generated by Tag-Gen are essential for SEO, onsite search and product discovery
  • Allow customers to discover what they’re looking for by offering onsite search, filter and browse functionalities that use a combination of visual product features such as pattern, neckline, style, sleeve length, occasion and much more
  • Enable customers to search your product catalogue using long-tail keywords such as ‘black maxi dress with slit’
  • Create flawless and enjoyable digital shopping experiences, lending itself to higher conversions and repeat business

Gain better product insights & drive personalised shopping experiences

  • Understand inventory, trends and buying behaviours by knowing the granular details (product tags) of your product assortment
  • Gain key insights and data from accurately tagged products that help optimise and personalise your marketing, merchandising and sales campaigns

Seamless integration and user-friendly

  • Seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store so Okkular's machine learning models can scan your product images and predict the product tags
  • Easily audit and correct predicted tags based on confidence levels before exporting them back to your store

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$1.10 per additional image

  • Generate tags for up to 100 images
  • Customize color palettes
  • Create brand-specific tags and synonyms



$1 per additional image

  • Generate tags for up to 200 images
  • Customize color palettes
  • Create brand-specific tags and synonyms



$0.90 per additional image

  • Generate tags for 500 images
  • Customize color palettes
  • Create brand-specific tags and synonyms
  • >500 images contact us for a tailored plan

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