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17. marraskuu 2023

After switching email platforms due our old platform being discontinued, we've been using Omnisend for over a year now and are very happy with the platform's functionality and excellent customer service. The email automations are very flexible and allow for more conditional logic vs. similar platforms. Recently, we had some questions on emails that were failing (due to the email address, not us or Omnisend) and Sila on the Omnisend support team was very helpful and friendly. Thank you Omnisend for creating an affordable platform that far surpasses other platforms from a service and functionality standpoint!

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21. joulukuu 2023

I've been using Omnisend for a while, it is very easy to setup, use, create automations and emails. Plus, customer support is another story, they are extraordinary, very kind, ready to help and they keep following up with you until you get satisfied! I would like to specially thank Didem for being very helpful by sending personalized videos to explain how to get things done, also I would like to thank Luiz, Olesia & Beran for being so helpful. Keep up the good work guys!

MMAS Elegance
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24. marraskuu 2023

Have been using Omnisend for a few years and it offers great value as an email platform! When I had to contact customer support Beran was very helpful and responsive!

The Story Engine Deck
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14. joulukuu 2023

I have a newer shop, but Omnisend was one of the first apps that I added to my store and it has been incredible. The selection of automation they have is incredible, but nowhere near as good as their support team. They are so fast to respond, always available and have been extremely helpful with every question I have had. There hasn't been a single question left unanswered. Huge thanks to everyone on their support team that has helped me, Sanya, Dilara, Diego and Deniz! All amazing and went above and beyond. Grateful to have this tool to assist my business.

Taty's Table
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14. joulukuu 2023

Happy to use Omnisend for over 2 years now. Support is always very happy and friendly. Karine was really helpful.

Brain Games LV
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1. helmikuu 2024

Great product, works well. Support is a breeze. We had an issue with verification of emails for sending using the new DMARK/DKIM setup, but Maria helped us solve it in a blink. Top support, great product.

Linda's Kitchen
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13. joulukuu 2023

Love how simple this app is to use. Great support from Kayque! I had a question and he was able to refer me to the right article to follow to set up a feature!

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17. tammikuu 2024

I think Omnisend is the smothest platform to deal with in the sms and email world, and their 24/7 chat team is very helpful as well. My assistant was Karine, she helped me resolve my problem when I thought there was no way.

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21. tammikuu 2024

Beran was amazing with helping me. Even sent me a loom so I could understand better. Great app. So much better than Klaviyo. Digging the new flyout and push notifications.

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4. tammikuu 2024

Exceptionally helpful and effective support that solves all your issues fast. I highly recommend the application.

Rejuva Fresh
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