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27 februari 2021

Testando, mas parece ser bem simples! espero que consiga atingir os meus objetivos com essa app, depois dou um feedback mais completo

2 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 6 oktober 2019

looks good but hard to connect to my online shop. looks good but hard to connect to my online shop. ok

German Part Source
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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 7 oktober 2019


Thank you for your review. Let us help you! Reach out to and we will help you with store connection and the setup.

Bewerkt 22 november 2018

I am using the app to help boost my email marketing and loving all the features so far. I think the app could improve by having more tutorials on how to use each marketing campaign because it can be very confusing.

Online Calendar Shop
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1 dag gebruiken de app
26 mei 2020

This is just a beginning, I had a little difficulty following the steps but was able to get started without issues.

Ronald's Found Treasures
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Ongeveer 24 uur gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 14 augustus 2019

First time user after changing from previous CRM. Really easy to use with great templates and amazing functions to better business

This Is Comb
Ongeveer 19 uur gebruiken de app
9 mei 2021

Easy to use and works very good! Nice with a free plan to use in the beginning when setting everything up

VIP Hund
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Omnisend heeft geantwoord 11 mei 2021

Hi there, thanks for reviewing our app!
Glad to hear it's working well for you.

3 mei 2017


Cc Resorts
Ongeveer 2 uur gebruiken de app
31 augustus 2020

Is a good App for Shopify, but you must pay always for the best services. It will be better if they offer more services for the free experience

16 minuten gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 27 maart 2019

Looks like a great app for a smaller, newer company. One major limitation we noticed right off the bat is that the solution only supports one shopify store. We have multiple stores and multiple brands.

The app page should state that so customers don't have to go through the process of creating an account and configuring the solution only to realize that during setup.

OP2 Labs - FrogFuel Liquid Protein
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8 minuten gebruiken de app
Omnisend heeft geantwoord 27 maart 2019

Thank you for your honest review. Sincere apologies you only found out about this limitation after creating your account. Other users who have already migrated from Mailchimp have also requested this feature and we are proud to say that next week we will be making a public announcement on what new features we will implement before 12th May. Please stay tuned and hopefully we will be able to turn things around for you!
Customer Success Team