OnBuy Integration

OnBuy Integration

作成: CedCommerce

Sell with OnBuy, the fastest-growing marketplace in the world

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Hassle-free product listing

Easily list your Shopify products on OnBuy. If you already sell with OnBuy, you can map your products and start selling.

Real-Time Sync

Any updates to your inventory, price or listings are synced between your Shopify store and OnBuy in near real-time.

Auto-order management

Automatically pull OnBuy orders to your Shopify store. You can then seamlessly manage these orders from Shopify.

OnBuy Integrationの詳細情報

Once you install the OnBuy integration app in your Shopify store, you can import all of your products or a selection from within the app. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to upload your products to OnBuy. You can customise your product information before sending them to OnBuy. Once you receive an order through OnBuy, the order gets synced on your Shopify store. When you mark the item as dispatched, tracking details are synced to OnBuy.

Features of the OnBuy Integration :

1) Stock update

Stock levels are updated automatically on both ends, either when the stock status is updated in your local shop or when a new order comes in on OnBuy.

2) Inventory syncing

The product information (including listing details and pricing) is automatically synchronized between Shopify and OnBuy at regular intervals.

3) Bulk upload

Upload any number of products to OnBuy in one go using the bulk product upload feature.

4) Profile-based product upload

This allows the admin to create a profile and map the product attributes, allowing the product to be assigned to the profile and easily uploaded.

5) Product category mapping

Admins can use the category mapping feature to map Shopify store categories to the relevant OnBuy category.

6) Rejected products notification

If any product is rejected from OnBuy, you’ll be notified of the error that caused this.

Notifications: If a feed error occurs, there is a feature that notifies you of the error.



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  • Product Management

  • Order Management

  • 24* 7 Technical Support

  • Manage Near Real-Time Inventory




  • Product Management

  • Order Management

  • Manage Near Real-Time Inventory

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • 24*7 Technical support

  • SEO/Sales Report

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Complete waste of my time
I have spent nearly 6 hours mapping attributes (which the app should be doing surely?) and setting everything up after repeated attempts. finally got 1 item to go up only to be told "Failed - default image required". the listing only has one image. aaaargh
Worst app i ever tried> CED commerce should look at shopify's ebay integration it is so easy to use and maps all the attributes and categories for you.
I could have listed a dozen items on onbuy in the time I have spent on this app. Complete waste of time

Watch and Clock Parts


Still not working, Im actually getting tired of asking them to fix it, they told me they have 500 happy customers which i really doubt. It simply is not working. Onbuy have now told me to upload via CSV and not to use the app anymore
Cedcommerce keep telling me if i sign up for the plan they will make it work

Awful app , awful customer support,

We have just noticed that the few products that actually did upload were sent as refurbished and not new, this seems to be another bug that needs fixing

Even though the app doesnt work I have been told that i must now pay.
I think this app is getting closer and closer to the bin !! unless they very quickly sort it out.


We have managed to load just a few items to onbuy, we have many many items processing, which have been processing for days now and they do not load, have been waiting all day for a response from Cedcommerce. So at the moment the app is still not working as it should. Its been 2 1/2 weeks of solid work from us which really should not be necessary

It has been a hard slog to get this app working as there were a lot of bugs but today I can confirm that the order processing side of the app is working, the only issue is that you must enter a tracking number or it doesn't ship on the onbuy side.

it Simply does not work . I have tried to get some resolution with Cedcommerce but the answer is always tomorrow !!!

When i see it working i will change this feedback