One‑Click Darkmode

One‑Click Darkmode

door sea-apps

night mode, dark mode in one click

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Easy Install

Setup in less than 1 minutes. Save your time and do more important things.

Be less busy

No Coding Required. No need to learn how to write code. Be less busy and have a cup of coffee.

Take care of eyes

Take care of your visitor's eyes! Make customers comfortable then you can make more money.

Over One‑Click Darkmode

Allow users to toggle any theme to dark mode

By click the floating widget, all users can switch between light mode and dark mode, what ever themes you are using.

Take care of your cusumer's eyes

Studies have shown that a large percentage of shopping occurs at night, especially after 20:00, so the light mode can be extremely tiring their eyes. Then DarkMode is the solution to make your cusumers confortable when they browser your shop site at night.

Auto turn on darkmode

We can automatically decide whether to enable dark mode based on the viewer's local time. For example, using this application, you can automatically enable dark mode between 18:00 and 06:00 the next day.

Easier on eyes

Customers spend time on your store longer when it is not straining on the eyes. What's more, growing your business revenue while saving the battery.

Higher conversion rate

Studies have shown that using dark mode for browsing will encourage users to browse more and more browsing information, thereby facilitating purchases. Most importantly, many people browse the Internet late at night, because they do not have any work and family responsibilities in the middle of the night. If your store support darkmode, you will earn more.

24*7 Support

Need help or have specific requirements for your store. Just ping us on and we will help you with anything you need for your store.

Demo store available

To view Demo Store The Password Is : 123456

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3.5 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Vivid Reign

Horrible. Really disappointed. This was a free option compared to other apps, so was hoping this worked. It's not a true "Dark Mode", all it does is invert every thing displayed but literally everything down to the photos as well...all my photos are inverted like a CSI Detective Purple Light widgets, embedded content, literally every HTML code and image is just inverted. That's not Dark Mode. Looks ugly.

Posh Python

This isn't just a regular dark mode, this is a stunning inverted innovation. I didn't realise how great it made my website look. Wholly recommend.


nice support tried their best to solve the issue that i had they even took the time to changed the app for my specific issue. Thanks Fred