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7. lokakuu 2022

I just got the app. Fola responded quickly to help me remove the powered by. Hopefully in a month I'll have great news about sales.

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1. helmikuu 2023

Pretty good app! I am using it to create pop-up campaigns. The setup is quite smooth, however, there is room for improvements to make the duplication of email templates easier. Customer support is great though and will help you through all the challenges you might encounter on the way. Recommended for beginners and for those who want to start from scratch without a clear idea of what they want.

Pastel Maison
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28. toukokuu 2022

The app is fine, it does have some restrictions but works fine. However, the customer service is really good. I was guided through a change of email/domain for my campaign and it went super fast and great!

easy as knit
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Muokattu 22. heinäkuu 2020

Had issues with the app but support and even the CTO came through in the end. Useful additions to any shop.

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ONE vastasi 21. heinäkuu 2020

Dear Merchant, thank you for choosing to grow with us!

Please do reach out to us via LiveChat or email and we can help you get even more out of our App with our newly included 1on1 A/B testing service.


3. maaliskuu 2021

Just started with this Wheel of Discounts! ;)
So far so good. Support was excellent! Alice talked me through it all and even provided a design file for the wheel. Very helpful!
Why only 4 stars? There's always room for improvement. :)

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13. marraskuu 2020

We replaced a version of a spin the wheel pop up with the Proof Factor Fortune Wheel. I love the customisation varieties and can really make an impact when it pops up for our customers. I contacted the help team as we had visibility issues with the wheel showing up on small mobile devices and Pauline helped me out with editing the code for us so that the wheel appears higher up on the screen so it is visible. She also suggested a different pop up, other than the wheel, that would be even more suited to viewing on mobile which we hope to try too. Great support and a great visual pop up!

Grimm & Co
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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Muokattu 3. tammikuu 2023

App wouldnt install on my store for some isolated reason but the customer support was fast and personalized (real people). They want to help you. I found alternatives for what I needed so this review is strictly for the customer support

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ONE vastasi 25. lokakuu 2022

Hi Tim!

Thanks for raising the issue! Seems like an isolated problem to a few merchants we can't pinpoint the root cause so we need to escalate. Our lead engineer is on the East Coast and off for the day, but we are having him look into the problem after dinner (a few hours from now).

We will keep you posted. My team member left you a voicemail to get a little more info about the bug.

Please bare with us, I know this is super frustrating. Sometimes with software exchanging data between platforms (ie ONE <> Shopify) there can be edge cases that breakdown.

Regardless, we will have this fixed ASAP (ideally tonight).


Muokattu 1. kesäkuu 2022

Customer service tried to help after I was disappointed initially. I didn't download it back though but at least they followed up with me after.

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ONE vastasi 1. kesäkuu 2022

Dear Merchant,

So sorry our customer support representative was not able to resolve the issue with the third-party domain provider. We had a more technical member of our team take a look and seems we found what was going wrong while you were copy and pasting the settings.

Do you mind replying to our email or jumping on a quick call with us? DNS records can be a little tricky to setup. We wish it could be done with one-click.

Looking forward to resolve the issue with you in the morning and making sure you didn't waste your time setting up the emails. Have a good evening!


10. helmikuu 2022

I used this app to create pop up ad on my website. The chat support was very helpful - Patricia was knowledgeable and walked me through each step so that I can do it on my own next time

Breakwater Edge
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28. huhtikuu 2022

Apenas tengo experiencia con shopify. Descargué esta aplicación y el soporte técnico es muy eficiente.

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