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14. kesäkuu 2024

After struggling with multiple email marketing platforms and facing deliverability issues, ONE came to the rescue. Their platform not only excels in design, but also boasts exceptional customer support. The time and energy saved by their support team have been invaluable. For any Shopify user seeking a user-friendly, feature-rich email and SMS platform, I highly recommend ONE. 10/10. Special thanks to Prateek and Rissa for their incredible kindness and assistance.

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15. maaliskuu 2024

I absolutely loved my experience with the support team. I just had some technical problems, and not only they made the fix a breeze, but I managed to learn new stuff as well. I want to thank Rissa in particular. She was the one helping me out there - friendly, speedy, and accurate. Much appreciated.

Maya Wear
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6. toukokuu 2024

This guys are simply awesome, they helped me solve errors in the installation of my automations, they even made recommendations aligned to my website, they responded quickly and solved all my doubts and problems in a matter of minutes. I definitely recommend them for your store. i love you guys. blessings.

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15. toukokuu 2024

an amazing app for popups on your website. great customer service. highly recommend it

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27. maaliskuu 2024

I have only good things to say about this product and also the support team behind it. I had very good support by LOU that helped me alot if I had any issues. I REALLY Recommend this app. The APP is great and also the support! 5/5 Stars from SWEDEN

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21. helmikuu 2024

As a chief officer for a 8yr old ecommerce company. I always check with Shopify apps periodically to improve the store. I've been through 10 email marketing apps, last one i've uninstalled is Mailchimp, not as user friendly and cost more.
ONE email marketing is the best email app you'll find to date, hand down. it's the only app you'll need to grow.

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11. huhtikuu 2024

The best app and support on Shopify!

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30. tammikuu 2024

So this more of a review for the customer service that I have been receiving so far. They literally are like a close friend who is just hella knowledgeable with the interface. You ask and they try to help you out as much as possible. this review is mainly for RISSA! She help me get my sms running smoothly. She had grace and such a positive attitude. THANK YOU RISSA! definitely made me feel like I'm part of the One fam

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3. tammikuu 2024

I like this app better than smsbump and klavyio, in my perspective of just starting out it is cheaper and offers a lot of value with their free/cheaper plans. It's beginner friendly and easy to understand unlike other marketing apps where they're a little hard to work with. Their customer service it's good, I had a problem and it took us a while to figure it out lol but Rissa stuck with me every step of the way until it was fixed!

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16. tammikuu 2024

Very useful app! Rissa helped me a lot, kind and expert support! Highly recommended!

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