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QuickBooks Online

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Save time & money, integrate your store with QuickBooks Online

Connect your apps

OneSaas by QuickBooks is focused on supporting workflows that begin with a transaction – a quote, order, invoice or receipt.

Save time and money

Stop entering data from one app to another. Get Shopify and QuickBooks Online sharing data automatically by using OneSaas by QuickBooks.

Get back to business

With your apps working happily together, you’ll be able to get back to business.

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Stay on top of your bookkeeping and integrate Shopify with QuickBooks Online, saving you valuable time and money.

When you connect QuickBooks Online with Shopify using OneSaas by QuickBooks you will never manually enter data again, saving you hours every day!

Key benefits

  • Save time and money by automatically sharing data between Shopify and QuickBooks
  • Connect multiple sales channels to QuickBooks ensuring stock levels are up-to-date
  • Eliminate manual data entry and short cuts that often result in human error


Automate your accounting by connecting Shopify and QuickBooks Online. Never manually enter invoices, customers or products again. You can save up to 160+ hours per month!

The QuickBooks Online app will automatically:

  • Update stock levels between QuickBooks Online and Shopify
  • Share any updates or created products from Shopify to QuickBooks Online
  • Share when an order is made in Shopify and create or update the sales invoice or receipt in QuickBooks Online
  • Ongoing support service from our team at OneSaas by QuickBooks.

OneSaas by QuickBooks allows you to connect with other business apps such as like eBay, Mailchimp and so much more.


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Dean was just great in getting me onboard. Very thorough and patient. Appreciate his help. 5 stars for him

Spitz Groom

I have not yet integrated the app, but Ronnie has been super helpful in helping me get started. Ronnie has been very patient with me, and has provided me with useful resources to help me along the way.


I would like to recognize Paul (OneSAAS). I needed help with the Sync of Shopify and QuickBooks. Paul spent the necessary time with me with all the patience, expertise, kindness and friendliness until all my issues were solved and my store was completely linked to QuickBooks. I can not translate into words the peace of mind and the value of Paul's work. He is an AMAZING asset to this Company. His professionalism and KNOWLEDGE and client service skills are top notch and I would appreciate if he would be recognized for it. 5 STARS. Thank you so much, Paul!!!!