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Muokattu 3. helmikuu 2022

Update: February 3, 2022: Jetti has come a long way in the last year. They now have a dedicated support team that is able to respond to requests the same or next business day. The ability to publish more than 50 products has been implemented, as has the option to send vendor payments via PayPal with just their email address. It's a pretty powerful platform and, like most powerful platforms, there's a learning curve and it's not always intuitive. The error messages you get don't tell you how to fix the error, so reliance on support is often mandatory. I believe they could benefit greatly from a technical communicator to better their documentation. I also believe that it will be an uphill battle to keep up with the updates of every platform with which they integrate. And an investment in the UI could go a long way. But, these are just some of the trade-offs that are currently necessary to have a MVM that integrates with this many platforms, syncs both ways, and automates payments. My advice for users is to only take this on if you have the resources to dedicate to the setup and maintenance of your MVM on this platform. It's not at all a set-it-and-forget-it app if the price point didn't show you that already. UPDATE March 30, 2021: After this review, I had a call with the developers, which was appreciated. They apologized, explained that they've grown faster than they could handle, and promised to do better while allowing me free app access until I'm fully set up, which I appreciate. So, I have yet to cut my losses and I'm still using the app. Two months after, I still have 30+ day support tickets. There's inconsistent information from different team members, and I never know who will reply to my requests, or when. The help I'm requesting is mostly for accomplishing tasks that their interface ideally would allow without assistance from the support team. 3 things, specifically: 1. Products with variants come in as individual products rather than products with variants, even when pulling from Shopify. This is a nightmare if you don't have them configure it for you before you publish. 2. Pushing all products at one time. Currently, you have to select each variant/product individually, or you can select all products/variants on a page. The option to "select all" isn't there, and if a vendor has thousands of products/variants, you still have to publish them 50 at a time. 3. Setting published products to draft, or to publish only on selected sales channels. I have a brick-and-mortar store, and the default setting is to publish these products on POS only, which is literally the only place they are not available. I did finally get my payment situation resolved, but this was because of the support I received from Stripe, not Jetti. Jetti's original recommendation for payment processing isn't located in the US, and the fees made the dropshipping business model unfeasible. I learned this the hard way, unfortunately. Jetti connects Shopify to a variety of different platforms, including smaller ones like Etsy. I found this appealing. However, as platforms update their interfaces and permissions, Jetti struggles to keep up. Better, more updated documentation for all of the integrated platforms, including payment processors, is needed. Original review:
I don't understand all of the 5-star reviews here. I'm very disappointed in the time and money I've spent with Jetti. After four months and $2000 in app fees, I'm still trying to get basic support for setup to help get my vendors paid. I chose Jetti because even though it's the most expensive option for MVM, it seemed to have the most features, and their sales team promised amazing support. However, the user interface is clunky, the help documents are not helpful, and the support team is slow to respond, at best. After countless broken promises from Jetti, I'm looking to cut my losses and begin searching for other MVM options. Buyer beware.

Hattie Rex
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Muokattu 21. helmikuu 2022

I used this app since few months. It's working very well. Sometime a little bit of delay for getting an answer for the support team. Do not hesitate to ask an appointement with their IT.
UPDATE 02/07 : We loose a big vendor because the Jetti IT team was not able to give answer to the IT team of the vendor. The integration was supposed to be done with Magento but never work.
This situation almost happen a second time so to prevent a second loose we integrate manually the full catalog. 2,5 months after, stil no update.
The team seems to be underwater. The support docs are not helpful. the communication with the support is not optimize. Send a message and receive an answer 2 days after is too long.
This is a powerful tools and i'm pretty sure that it could be an amazing tools but not yet.

Bold Shapes
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Onport vastasi 7. huhtikuu 2021

Hey, Bold Shapes!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we appreciate all feedback regarding our platform as feedback allows us to grow and to continually improve our service.

It is great to hear you have enjoyed your experience with Jetti so far as we always strive to provide real value for our clients. We are working to continuously improve our support structure and that we can swiftly answer client queries.

Our support team is here at support@jetti.io if you ever have any questions or need assistance regarding our platform. Thank you!

Your Jetti Support Team.