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if your facebook account is in a different currency than the shopify account this application is of no use. Support says it's on the roadmap but they don't have any forecasts. Seems like a promising app but for now I just wasted my time

Socapa Brasil
Optilyが返信しました 2023年2月3日

Hi Socapa Brasil,

Thank you for your review, we would love to hop on a call to discuss your points in more detail.

Just a note on the same currency point, we are collating your Shopify store data with your ad platforms and therefore for the most accurate opportunities/recommendations to be generated, Optily needs them to be in the same currency. Other workarounds that have worked include changing your Shopify store currency to your local, main currency and having Shopify change it to the local currency of the store visitor when they visit your site.

We are constantly improving the application based on User feedback and are looking at ways to implement the currency conversion aspect you mention.

The Optily Squad