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11. toukokuu 2023

2 things:

(1) Prior to switching over to this we used Klaviyo popup. It’s a bunch of clutter and too complicated to make it properly fit our website on desktop and mobile. Far too complicated and our conversion rate was very close to zero %.

(2) switched over to this service and the interface is much easier to use and we’re seeing 1% conversion to sign ups now and it easily converts to Klaviyo. Also the price is very reasonable (pro tip, reach out to them and ask if they can send you the link to monthly pricing).

(3) after signing up, I’d say it’s probably one of the most thorough customer service teams I’ve ever encountered. I received multiple follow ups on the issue I had reached out to them about and they continued to follow up with me (I got distracted) and communicated what they would do to help me resolve the situation had I not gotten back to them. I actually received a follow up from someone on the team, asking me to get back to someone else on the team that had asked me a question about something that would help me. Typically when you reach out to customer service they are interrupt-driven and this wasn’t the case. I was pleasantly surprised.

5 stars.

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OptinMonster vastasi 11. toukokuu 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We are delighted to hear that you found our service easy to use and effective in increasing your sign-up conversions. We understand how important it is to have a user-friendly interface that can seamlessly integrate with other tools, like Klaviyo, and we're glad that we were able to meet your expectations.

We also appreciate your feedback on our customer service team. Our team is committed to providing thorough and attentive support to our users, and we're happy to hear that we were able to resolve your issue in a timely and effective manner. We strive to create a positive experience for all of our users, and your feedback motivates us to continue improving our service.

Thank you for choosing our service, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need further assistance or have any feedback to share. We're always here to help!

Muokattu 10. maaliskuu 2021

This app has gotten a number of negative reviews due to its poorly-done integration of a subscription option through Shopify. Here is a review of the actual product: I've been using OptinMonster since 2015 for various sites I have. They pioneered a lot of the techniques you see everywhere now, like "exit intent". OptinMonster is expensive(but they have good Black Friday deals), and I've tried many times to switch to a more affordable provider. But the other providers all force me to make compromises on the feature set, ease of integration, and user experience. The types to behavioral targeting you can do in OptinMonster is unmatched by any other tool. There is a big difference in product quality when you have an entire team dedicated to making the best opt-in forms, versus those forms just being one feature of many in an app like Klaviyo or Mailchimp. I can't speak on this $50/month subscription they offer through Shopify. That seems stupid. I bought a subscription from then in 2015 through their website. My recommendation is to buy from them during Black Friday when they are usually 30% off.

Christian Pure
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25. heinäkuu 2022

We've found that OptinMonster is good for custom banners, and very easy to use for both technical and non-technical employees.

Drink LMNT, INC.
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OptinMonster vastasi 11. elokuu 2022

Thank you for sharing these kind words! We’re so glad you’re enjoying OptinMonster and finding it so easy to use 🙂.

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to grow with you and look forward to continuing to help you in every way we can!

20. heinäkuu 2022

We have been using OptinMonster for a couple of years now for email retention and pop up campaigns. The campaigns are easy to set up and with split testing functionality it's great to try different copy and content. We had a slight issue with our billing being doubled with a shopify subscription for a few months, however OptinMonster spotted this and got in touch with us offering a full refund or credit with additional perks. Honest company with a great product, keep up the good work!

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OptinMonster vastasi 11. elokuu 2022

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the community. 😊 We're so glad you're finding success with OptinMonster, and we're grateful to have earned your support.

If we can help with anything else along the way, just let us know. We look forward to helping you in every way we can!

6. joulukuu 2018

Great solution to get as many emails as possible.

They seem to be pretty innovative and always come up with new ideas.

Their new builder is pretty solid, yet completely new from the older version, so I had to learn everything again pretty much.

Once I did that, I was able to generate a ton of emails, which of course helped a lot. Their full-screen feature on desktops is pretty amazing.

The money is in the list guys. Invest in this first and THEN in everything else later on (FB ads, etc.).

ALIVE Boutique - A Little Vegan Boutique
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11. maaliskuu 2019

I use this app to create email list popups, notifications, and slide-ins for related products. I find it easy to use and the app was easy to install too.

Clementine Creative
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OptinMonster vastasi 11. maaliskuu 2019

Thanks so much for the kind review! :-)
- Thomas

Muokattu 15. kesäkuu 2019

One of the best popup app out there. Very flexible in terms of features. It is a game changer in terms of lead generation.

Artisan d'Asie
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OptinMonster vastasi 11. kesäkuu 2019

I'm so sorry you had a poor experience with this! It looks like the emails from Shopify went to an inbox unrelated to support. I (Thomas, co-founder and president) have followed up with you personally with an attempt to get everything fixed. If there is anything else I can do to help, let me know!

7. elokuu 2019

Love this little app. Customer support is great too. I think it also has some other great features besides exit intent. Thank you!

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11. maaliskuu 2019

We have used this app to collect e-mails and boost sales in exchange for said e-mails! It's been a great process and very simple. Thank you!!

The Alchemist's Kitchen
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OptinMonster vastasi 11. maaliskuu 2019

I really appreciate the review and vote of confidence for the team - thank you!!!
- Thomas

19. tammikuu 2018

This is a great app. Makes syncing your Optin Monster account extremely simple. Very customizable pop-ups that sync seamlessly with your e-mail provider. We currently use Mailchimp for our emaul marketing and have used Klaviyo in the past and they both synced perfectly with OptinMonster. Thank you!

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