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16 gennaio 2019

I have this app to provide cut-off days for delivery. I've tried on three different browsers, I've cleared the cache and am now on a second computer trying to make the delivery dates I've chosen blocked off (so people can't order on those days). I'm giving this app 1 star because I don't think I should have to ask for technical help when clearly the app has issues. I've selected the dates, clicked save, and then when I refresh or head over to the front end, the dates are not blocked off. Now I will contact support but of course this is inconvenient for my business and takes time out of my day. An app either works or it doesn't and this one doesn't work for me.

Glazed New Zealand
Nuova Zelanda
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Identixweb Limited ha risposto 11 aprile 2019


We are extremely sorry to hear about this.

There are 1000+ active users are using our app and no one has occurred this type of issue yet. I request you to get in touch with us by emailing us or through live chat we had in our app. We'll check it into your website make this app working as it can.

Best Regards

2 giugno 2020

Was working fine but then stopped. Can load or not load for end users depending on the day, hour or minute and if my 6 year old daughter got out the right or left side of her bed. Contacted support twice to see if they could help and no response. Hoping this crap review will entice a response.

2U Grocer AU
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Identixweb Limited ha risposto 2 giugno 2020

Hello there, I hope you are doing well.
Sorry to hear about this and I apologize for the inconvenience you had with our app!
I have investigated further on your concern and found the emails you sent to us. Also, I have found that we had replied to both emails within 24 hours as we promise to reply when we get your request in our email.
See the below screenshot of the reply:
- Here is your first email on 18th of March, 2020
- Second email on the 28th of May, 2020.
→ Please let me know about the exact issue your are fading with the app and our team will assist you to resolve it.

Data modifica: 14 luglio 2022

Somehow, in the last couple of months the App works when it wants to, we always miss orders tags, it gave us a whole lot more to work instead of simplifying our workflow. And the devs general response is that on their side works, but what about on our side?

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Identixweb Limited ha risposto 14 luglio 2021

Thank you very much for taking time to write the review..🤩🤩 Support team is always available to help you with your queries!!🥰🥰🥰

9 febbraio 2021

unreliable and worst customer service ever! Cannot recommend, no reply to emails, no help on the phone and livechat is ghosting me

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Identixweb Limited ha risposto 13 febbraio 2021

Hi there,
Sorry to hear about this and I apologize for the inconvenience.
I have checked your chat done with our team members and have seen in the chat that they have instructed you on the solution.
Will you please let me know if you have any issue with the app.

29 novembre 2021

We were having issues with the date picker in the cart page since it wasn't working to be required before clicking the "add to cart" button.
After contacting the support team, the Support Executive Chandni Sharma accessed our theme files and added a buggy jQuery script to our product page that broke the "add to cart" button. This happened during Black Friday weekend and it's unacceptable.
We removed the changes that were made by the app and it's back working.

À la table by Hanna
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Data modifica: 15 gennaio 2021

The customer should NOT be able to proceed without selecting the delivery date, but sometimes the customer can proceed without it.(Like once in 10 times) I asked to fix this bug many times but there have been no response at all. The app has bug and poor customer service. There are so many options like this app so we should switch to other apps.

Sake no Wa Online
RAS di Hong Kong
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Identixweb Limited ha risposto 25 febbraio 2020

Hi, thanks for your review!
We believe to give our service to our customers as much and as soon as possible! :-)

20 aprile 2020

The concept of the app is very good but one of the main features (delivery cut-off) doesn't work and support is technically weak. The delivery cut-off feature doesn't handle non-working days and the logic around that creates some bizarre outcomes (for example, as you progress through the weekend EARLIER delivery dates become available!!!). Support are responsive but don't try to resolve the issue properly, instead they just attempt trial and error patches. These either don't work for more than a day or sometimes even make things worse. I have exchanged almost 40 e-mails with support but have finally given up with them. It's a real shame as the app could be great and the issue would only require some very basic tweaks to the logic to correct.

The Homemade Brownie Company
Regno Unito
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Identixweb Limited ha risposto 20 aprile 2020

Hi Adam, we are extremely sorry for your bad experience with the app. Well, our app developer has made it well working for all other customers and all of them who have issues with this (cut-off) feature, all have been got it working fine. It's not possible every time for you to work the feature as per your logic because every business has different requirements. I know that you have a conversation with us via an email for a long time and we tried to make that feature working as per your need.
In the last fix, we almost achieved your requirement and have been got success almost. But I still don't understand where you stuck.
Anyway, thanks for your feedback and I really appreciate you for your words.

Data modifica: 31 luglio 2020

Every single time I go to the app, I get presented with an ad for some other product this company sells. I can't find a way to dismiss that message once and for all, I have to dismiss it each time. I have to train my staff to do the same. Effectively making the app useless. I'm already paying for the app, but I still have to deal with ridiculous ads.

Response to the developer below: is it not better to give people an option to dismiss the ad in the first place, rather than waiting for someone to contact you? Does it need to appear every single time? We rely on Shopify for conducting our daily business, not all our staff is tech savvy. I hope you realize the amount of time that was wasted trying to guide each and every staffer beyond that ad.

Stati Uniti
4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Identixweb Limited ha risposto 31 luglio 2020

Hi there, Sorry to hear about that and I really apologize for the inconvenience you had with the app.
→ You should contact us for this and we help you in that matter instead of writing the direct review without getting our support.
→ Anyway, we have removed the advertisement from the app so now it won't bother you anymore!
→ I agree with your concern that how this add consume your time for a look and teach to your staff about how to remove.
→ And I also admit that we should add a response to hide the ad from the app when click to close and not open again for some time period or anything else.
→ Please apologize us for the inconvenience you had! 🙏

Data modifica: 13 agosto 2020

From 5 stars to 1 star - why? Their service is nonexistent. While my shop loses money because customers cant checkout due to their app. And these many issues is happening too many times. They will NEVER give you straight answer. So you just got to face these issues repeatedly and lose money when their app goes Ape Shit! Guys, i am still waiting. and i had enough of waiting for your "AWESOME" service as advertised.

Tpday 14/08 and i am still waiting for them to solve an issue - if you read the email replies they send, you will know how bad these guys are.. Shitty, Bad Performing App....please...

Pasar Segar | The Fresh Market
4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
27 febbraio 2018

I don't know why this app has so many positive reviews. It has extremely long load times (5 seconds after my page loaded, it still hadn't loaded) - which looked like the result of spaghetti code. Their answer to load times: sorry, that's the way it is. But. more importantly, when I had an issue in which my orders no longer were recording the delivery date on the back end, I emailed them multiple times and didn't get help. The first time they said it wasn't their app because I had applied a style to make it a different color, and then when I emailed them again showing that it was in fact their app, they just stopped communicating. Poor product and poor service.

Stati Uniti
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Identixweb Limited ha risposto 11 aprile 2019

Hi Pataloom,

We are extremely sorry about the inconvenience you had with our app. Please try our Live Chat for a quick response if you don't get any response from the email. We also had tried to get in touch with you by sending an email about the review you write for this app but unfortunately, didn't get any response from your end.

Sometimes, we miss the emails after the weekend due to a high volume of emails from other apps too. We would more than happy to assist you!

Let us know your thoughts!

Best Regards