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16. kesäkuu 2024

I have been using Shopify now for 5 years and seen plenty of apps come and go and raised lots of support tickets in that time. I have NEVER had the amazing support and personability offered to me by Hamish and the Order editing team. They actually work to find a solution for you and suggest things to improve your store rather than just fixing a problem. Aside from the 10/10 customer support, order editing and changing addresses is a feature that will become standard in eCommerce stores. In our first week we already had 70 customers change/confirm their shipping address after purchase, so we have saved that in tickets and/or order that we would need to re send because it is never the customers fault when they put in the wrong address as we all know... Very happy we have this implemented before BFCM. Highly recommend!!

The Standard Squeeze AU/NZ
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9. kesäkuu 2024

Fantastic App – A Game Changer for Our Store!

Order Editing has been a phenomenal addition to our Shopify store! It empowers our customers to take control of their orders, offering them the ability to make changes effortlessly. Here’s how it’s made a huge difference for us:

Customers can log in and edit their address or upgrade their shipping to express. This feature has significantly reduced the number of support tickets we receive, as customers can quickly make adjustments themselves.

The app's upsell option is fantastic. It allows customers to add items to their orders with a discount, right before their order is dispatched. This has not only improved our customer experience, but also generated a considerable amount of additional revenue.

The app is very intuitive and easy to use, both for our customers and our team. It seamlessly integrates with our existing systems, making the whole process smooth and efficient.

Since implementing Order Editing, we’ve noticed an uptick in customer satisfaction. They appreciate the flexibility and control over their orders, which has enhanced their shopping experience with us.

Overall, Order Editing has been a game changer. It has streamlined our order management process, reduced our customer service workload, and boosted our sales. I highly recommend this app to any Shopify store looking to enhance their customer service and increase revenue.

I highly recommend any e-commerce business to use this App.

Kooshy Kids
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22. toukokuu 2024

When we launched our new store we were getting hundreds of emails from customers asking us to change their address. it seems that payment methods like Google pay store address info and if the person moved and didn't change it it submits the wrong address.

We found Order Editing app and installed it. Immediately our tickets were cut in half because people could easily edit their own orders.

We also love that there is an address validator baked right in, and people can also add products to their order too.

Probably the best thing about this app are the two founders. We had a tricky situation with various shipping locations, 3rd party logistics etc and they worked to solve all our problems, unlike some apps where the 'help desk' doesn't even understand your issue properly. These guys not only understood it but they completely solved it going as far as jumping on the phone with our of our shipping partners.

Flip Coffee
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27. toukokuu 2024

The Order-Editing app has been a game-changer! Significantly reducing our support tickets and the load on our support team, along with generating additional revenue from our customers editing their orders and adding more products.

Hamish (the founder) has been amazing to work with getting us all setup and running, very responsive (even on the weekends), and getting all the settings customized to work the best for our stores.

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2. toukokuu 2024

This App is great. Our customer service team could not be happier after reducing significantly all the update address tickets and customers love it too, as it makes really easy to update their address, the most important information to ensure they will receive their beloved Oodies. Moreover, Order Editing is helping us increase our cross-selling revenue with its cross-sell email functionality. A MUST app for e-commerce

The Oodie
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15. toukokuu 2024

10/10 would recommend. Great, thorough service with efficient and clear onboarding with the team. Got the app running smoothly straight away and was available for any small issue resolution right away as well. No having to set the app up yourself and being left confused. The app itself creates huge upsell, saves money and time editing orders for customers and provides better customer experience as well putting the own-ace on the customer to correct their order details before the order is fulfilled! Hamish and the team are GOAT'd.

Frog Grips
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18. kesäkuu 2024

I absolutely love this app! It’s incredibly user-friendly and has improved customer happiness and allowed me to free up time within my business. The features are exactly what I needed to integrate into my ecommerce store. The customer support team is also top-notch, always quick to respond and very helpful. Highly recommend!

One Empire
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31. toukokuu 2024

Such a clever and helpful App, for both Customer and Business. This solves SO MANY simple Customer Service Tickets and allows unique upsell opportunities. It's really a no-brainer. App Support is far beyond expectations, literally only ever waiting a matter of minutes to get advice and help to make sure the App is working perfectly. Highly recommend.

Moana Bikini - North America
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1. toukokuu 2024

This app is a must-have for every Shopify store. There's always going to be customers that need to change their address after they purchase and if your fulfilments are faster than your customer service (as can happen in our case) you're gonna end up with upset customers. We got value from the first day we installed the app. There are tons of extra features too and the free tier makes it a no-brainer - pay only if it makes you money. App support is fantastic as well!

Brick Me
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23. huhtikuu 2024

This app is literally amazing! I can't wait to see how it works for my customers. I tested it out with a sample order and it worked like a charm I couldn't believe it. One of my number one customer service inquiries is to correct address or contact information. I know having this app will allow my customers to easily edit their own information and give me the piece of mind of knowing that their orders are accurate. The team was super helpful in helping me set it up in my store! Highly recommend, this will be one of the top Shopify Apps no question. Mark my words. I'm just glad I found it!

For The Loaf Of God
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