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24 april 2015

Caused us many problems during a major sale! Some customers paid for only one product but the invoice shows six. Many people were able to get around it and manipulate it which is terrible and we are now having to clean up the mess caused by this app. When the makers fix it, we will be happy to change our review.

Morphe Brushes
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10 september 2014

doesnt work at all when it comes to the crunch. A fraudster can get round it quite easily it seems.
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19 januari 2017

Do not recommend this app to any store owner. Does not deliver what is promised, overly complicated for something that doesn't work. This app has resulted in lots of lost revenue. DO NOT PURCHASE.

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19 januari 2017

Horrible App. I have lost thousands of dollars through my store as this app has not done what was promised. I had set minimum order limits of 10 items however this was easily bypassed by customers through the shopping cart. Would not recommend this app to anyone.

Gym Meals Direct
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29 augustus 2023

Doesn't do what is says it will do. People can still add more then 1 products when I only limited to one

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9 februari 2018

I don't like posting bad reviews, but on this occasion I have to.

After working OK for a couple of months, something must have updated because the app actually stopped people being able to checkout on our website. It literally stopped them clicking the "checkout" button.

After a couple of days with no orders we became suspicious and got Shopify to investigate and they confirmed this app was causing it.

Immediately uninstalled and the website is now function properly again.


B2b Supplies
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31 mei 2016

I have used the app only during the free trial, but it's been charged on monthly invoice. I paid for the app full month and used for couple days.

Toktokbox Com
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3 augustus 2015

need help this app isnt working with my theme im using the Supply theme, its allowing customers to check out at will.

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18 februari 2018

This app doesn't work, customers can easily bypass it

Mountains Love
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29 mei 2018

So I installed the app and then uninstalled it on the 4th day and tried to reinstall on the 5th day since I first installed it but it said the 14 day trial expired and if I wanted to continue, I would have to agree to pay. This makes me think this app is not trust worthy at all. I wanted to give it for the second chance but then it just lied to me. Bad business decision to lie to your potential customers.

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