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29 september 2023

So far so good! We needed a template that could integrate with Shopify and this one works well for our needs. Great and responsive customer service.

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FORSBERG+two ApS heeft geantwoord 2 oktober 2023

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad Order Printer Templates works well for your needs 😀 We’d love to know what made it a 4-star instead of a 5-star experience for you. Please feel free to send any feedback to
Kind Regards,
Sarah / FORSBERG+two

26 maart 2017

This is an absolutely fabulous app! While I do think customizable forms for simple things such as packing slips, invoices etc should be standard with a cart as robust as Shopify, I am glad I found this plug-in. Once you allow yourself to accept the fact that you have to pay to add your logo and custom text, this was good value for the money given I purchased the 4 template bundle. The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is that you have to print from within Order Printer (the free Shopify app) which means giving your shipping department access to your store's Apps section - not something we're so keen on doing as things could go awry accidentally.

Dolphin Organics
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22 januari 2015

Great App but it would be better if more designs in the templates are available.

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Bewerkt 17 januari 2017

The functionality is dependent on the volume of orders. We cant print bulk orders as so much information is missing which leads to a high volume of picking errors. Its great if you don't have many orders, but wouldn't recommend this app for a business printing 100+ orders at a time. ** After posting this review we received the best level of personalised customer care. The tech customised our coding to enable ease of image transfer on bulk order printing. You couldn't ask for better service. THANKS so much for taking the time to resolve this.

17 Sundays
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31 augustus 2015

100% better looking invoice and packing slip than what Shopify provides as their included. Bjorn was very helpful with the installation. Would have liked a wee bit more customization of text and font size.

Fitzbody Com
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26 juli 2018

I was very disappointed that Shopify has such dismal invoice and packing slip options, and coding just wasn't working out for me. That said, I was really happy to find this app. It works great. You can try out the templates first and see how they look. After you choose the template you like you can purchase just that template but you can still change the template as often as you like. I purchased just the packing slip at this time, but will probably add the other matching templates in the future. $30 dollars each seems a little pricey to me, and my only reason for a 4 star. Definitely recommend this to any shop trying to make nice looking packing slips that include the item, sku number , even product pics, but no prices. Just what I needed.

Humanity Organics Plus
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7 maart 2017

Nice templates. Would like to see more social media integrations i.e. Linked In

Other than that it does what you need it to do and they are easily customised.

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30 juli 2018

Simple but having to pay for it is not on

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30 januari 2018

We just started using this app and it seems to work well. We need to spend more time to customize it for our store.

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16 juli 2020

We use this app for all our customized printing documents presented to customers. Love how it gives our customers a consistent presentation of our company. I do wish you would add a LinkedIn Social Media Option.

Industrial Lubricant
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